Child and Youth Migrants: 1924 – 1976

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Useful contacts and support services

Child Migrants Trust

The Child Migrants Trust provides counselling, support for redress applications, and record searching. It helps facilitate family reunions and travel to places of origin.
Freecall: 1800 04 05 09

Find and Connect Support Service (Tasmania)

Helps Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants to trace their history and understand the reason they were placed into care, reconnect with family where possible and to access counselling and other supports.
Phone: 1800 16 11 09 (Freecall)

Care Leavers Australia Network

A group who supports people who have grown up in Orphanages, Children’s Home, Missions and Foster Care in Australia and New Zealand, or whose parents or other family members had this experience.
Phone: 1800 008 774

Tasmanian Family History Society

Library resources and advice.

National Redress Scheme

Phone: 1800 737 377

If you need immediate assistance, please contact:

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