Child and Youth Migrants: 1924 – 1976

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Many children were deported to Tasmania from Europe unaccompanied by their parent, carer or guardian as part of a series of State and Commonwealth government-funded schemes, or through various societies. These children were generally regarded as either Child Migrants or as Youth Migrants if they were old enough to start work as soon as they arrived in Tasmania.

This guide is aimed at assisting people who are seeking information and records documenting the circumstances of their own arrival in Australia as a Child or Youth Migrant, or that of a close relative. It will focus on the years from 1924 to 1976 in Tasmania.

For support services, advice and assistance with record searches and finding information about family, please contact the Child Migrants Trust.

The Find and Connect organisation provides support and counselling.

This guide will assist you by:

  • Explaining the processes around accessing Tasmanian records on Child and Youth Migrants;
  • Highlighting some of the main resources available;
  • Providing an overview of the services we provide to help you find information;
  • Detail some useful contacts and support services available from other organisations.

This guide is closely paired with our guide on Adoption, Fostering and Out-of-Home Care, and you will find that there are many cross-overs in information, particularly around out-of-home care. We strongly recommend that you consult both of these guides.

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