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What is a book group?

Book groups (also called book clubs or reading groups) are a popular way for book lovers to share the enjoyment of reading. Book groups work by all members individually reading the same book then meeting to jointly discuss it. This video explains the appeal and benefits of book groups:

What service does Book Groups Tasmania provide?

Book Groups Tasmania is a free service which supports book groups around the state. We provide you with packs of books for loan and you decide how often, where and when you’d like to meet. We offer over 500 title sets.

Please note that our service deals exclusively with the provision of books to existing book groups. We do not connect people seeking to join a book group.

How does it work?

Once your book group is registered and we have your preferences, the packs of books will be delivered to your nominated local library for the group secretary to collect and distribute to members. When you’ve finished reading and discussing the book the secretary returns all copies back to the library. We’ll then send your next set of books.

If an eBook, eAudiobook or large print format is preferred, search our Library Catalogue and limit by Format.

For more information please refer to the guide; How to start and run a book group.

Need help?

The group secretary is the main point of contact. If they are unable to assist, contact us:

Book Groups Tasmania
91 Murray Street

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