Accessing personal records

Tasmanian Archives manages Tasmania’s collection of permanent Government records. You can access most records over 25 years old and some more recent records. Some records include personal information. You may not be able to access them. These include records about

  • education
  • health and human services
  • child welfare and protection

Our record codes show whether a record is open or restricted.

You can

Government agencies who created the records decide access conditions. You may need to contact the government agency that created the records to access records about yourself. ‘Right to Information’ procedures might apply. Our staff can

  • help you decide how to ask for the records
  • often provide agency contact details.

To access ‘category B’ records, please fill in the application form to access restricted records (Word 93KB). Email the form to or submit it in person in the History Room. The State Archivist will grant access based on

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