Managing a school library

The quality of library services and resources is influenced by library staff.

Well trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff are essential.

Effective school libraries are responsive to change.

Regular evaluations can assist planning and improve library services.

School library guidelines and policies outline the vision, role, aims and objectives of the library.

A defined library budget allows staff to plan quality services and collections.

Well resourced libraries can support good teaching and learning outcomes.

Reports can help staff improve every aspect of library operations.

Statistics can show how the library is used and help future planning.

It is important to let the whole school community know about library services and collections.

Create displays, write reports, present to groups and have an online presence.

Library staff should be aware of reliable sources of copyright information.

Sources include Smartcopying, the Australian Copyright Council, Creative Commons and APRA AMCOS.

Hints and tips for dealing with damage involving water, pests and mould.