Legal deposit

Are you a Tasmanian publisher? If so, you must give us a copy.

A publication can include:

  • books
  • eBooks
  • websites
  • newspapers
  • maps and plans
  • sheet music
  • sound or video recordings
  • anything else which reproduces words, sounds or images.

An item is published if copies of it are sold or otherwise distributed to the public.


We keep these copies so future generations have access to them. If a publication is likely to be heavily used, then we normally buy one or more extra copies of it.

The Libraries Act 1984​ calls this 'legal deposit'. You need to give us a copy of your publication to comply with this act. You also need to give a copy to the National Library of Australia.


You can drop off a copy of a physical publication to any of our libraries or you can mail them to:

Legal Deposit Officer
91 Murray Street

A completed form must be attached to your publication.

Please submit electronic publications through the National edeposit (NED) portal.

Websites cannot be deposited in NED, for technical reasons. Libraries Tasmania routinely captures and maintains preservation copies of Tasmanian websites to ensure access to this cultural information for future generations. If you are planning major changes to your website, please contact us to arrange a capture of the existing site before the changes are implemented.

For all enquiries about website capture, please contact


The deposited copy must be the best copy published. For example, if both a hard and a paperback edition of a book are published, a copy of the hard cover edition must be deposited.

If a work is published in both digital and hard copy format only a digital copy is required to be deposited unless the hard copy is different in layout or content.

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