East Coast by CL Allport



​History Room - booked clients

  • Search for archival items and order in the usual way.

Contact us if you would like help.


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Speed it up

  • Order a book or serial publication to view in the Hobart Reading Room. You can view some items in our other libraries. You can access most refer​ence items within 30 minutes in the Hobart Reading Room, but you may have to order some items for the next day as we must transport them.​

  • Place a hold on lending library items from our catalogue.

  • Want to see a Reference or Stack book from our catalogue but can't get to the Hobart Reading Room? Ask your local library if they can get it in for you.

When you visit us

Bring a USB memory stick to take a copy of archival records or local newspapers on microfilm for free.

Bring your digital camera or use one of our photocopiers to make copies for personal use. Mostly you can make a copy in person, unless:

  • The material is fragile – order a copy​

  • You do not have access to the archival material

  • You are breaching copyright requirements

Please check with staff.