Information for family members, friends, and clients

If a family member, friend or client wants help to improve their literacy you can help them to contact their local library.

A literacy coordinator can meet with them to find out what goals they have and the type of help they need. The literacy coordinator can then match them with a volunteer literacy tutor.

Libraries have volunteer literacy tutors who can meet regularly with them to help with reading, writing, spelling, maths, study skills and computing.

Volunteer literacy tutors can also help with setting up assistive technology on a phone or personal computer. Learning to use technology can help them become more confident in their workplace and everyday life.

Contact your local library to ask about help with reading, writing and maths.

You can also explore our recommended literacy resources. You can use these resources to support your family member, friend or client. Or you may like to work alongside them to build confidence to use the resources independently.

The Adult Literacy Service is part of the 26TEN Strategy to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. Find out more about 26TEN.

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