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Arrival, immigration and departure records from 1803-1900 include varying levels of detail.

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People could have arrived in Tasmania as:

Finding ancestors in early immigration records can be a challenge, especially if they arrive as free settlers in the 1800s.

Most records are for the Port of Hobart. Few records have survived from other ports. It can be worth checking passenger lists for other colonies such as South Australia and Victoria as ships carrying passengers to Tasmania often called there.

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Free immigration to Tasmania 1803-1946

Assisted immigrant ships 1832-1889

Extract from Guide to the public records of Tasmania, records relating to free immigration (Appendix f).

Note: This list is not completely accurate; records differ as to the number of immigrants by each ship, and the classification of ships as immigrant vessels or otherwise.

Date of ArrivalShip from Britain and/or MelbournePort of DeparturePort of ArrivalNo. of Immigrants
1832: Jan. 18ClydeLiverpoolHobart38
May 30Ann JamesonLeith via CapeHobart14
Apr. 9AdventureLiverpool via CapeHobart29
Jun. 18RubiconLondonHobart15
Jul. 9MarianneSydneyHobart11
Jul. 15NorvalCorkHobart24
Aug. 5WaterlooLiverpoolHobart5
Aug. 16WellingtonLiverpoolHobart15
Sep. 6Princess RoyalLondonHobart200
Aug. 23MansfieldLondonHobart41
Sep. 9MaryLondonHobart14
Sep. 24SophiaSydneyHobart12
Sep. 31MinervaLeithHobart23
Oct. 6MountaineerSydneyHobart10
Oct. 14SarabLiverpoolHobart19
Nov. 7LaviniaLiverpoolHobart19
Nov. 12MailLiverpoolHobart19
Nov. 12North BritonLeithHobart21
Nov. 12Thomas LaurieLondonHobart17
Nov. 30John CraigLondonHobart58
Dec. 6Edward LombeLondon via CapeHobart42
Dec. 7DuckenfieldLondonHobart12
Dec. 13PalambamLondonHobart6
1833: Jan 30Sir Thomas MunroThe DownsHobart2
1833: Feb. 12GulnareLondonHobart9
Mar. 1ProtectorLondonHobart2
Mar. 2EllenLondonHobart6
Mar. 8WilliamLiverpoolHobart19
Mar. 11ChiliLondonLaunceston5
Mar. 30EnchantressLondonHobart7
Apr. 24Henry PorcherLondonHobart29
Apr. 26MacclesfieldLiverpoolHobart12
Mar. 1ChiliLondonLaunceston5
Mar. 30EnchantressLondonHobart7
Apr. 24Henry Porch​erLondonHobart29
Apr. 26MacclesfieldLiverpoolHobart12
Apr. 27George HibbertGravesendHobart5
Jun. 26StrathfieldsayDublinHobart285
Jun. 26WarriorLondonHobart21
Aug. 11ThomasLeithHobart13
Aug. 12Mary AnnPlymouthHobart8
Aug. 16CurlerLondonHobart12
Aug. 25CabotiaLiverpoolHobart33
Aug. 25Sir John Rae ReidLondonHobart19
Sep. 9IndianaLondonHobart15
Sep. 18LocheilLeithHobart15
Sep. 30AnnLondonHobart16
Sep. 30Mary CatherineLiverpoolHobart3
Oct. 9Edward ColstonLiverpoolHobart22
Oct. 14DrummoreLeithHobart2
Oct. 23Lady LastLiverpoolHobart108
Oct. 23LonachLondonHobart2
Nov. 3ElizaDublinHobart49
Nov. 5.ScotiaLeithHobart6
Nov. 14WaveLondonHobart5
1834: Jan. 3Princess VictoriaLiverpoolHobart3
Feb. 18OthelloLiverpoolHobart5
Aug. 15StrathfieldsayGravesendHobart238
Dec. 26CabotiaLiverpoolHobart30
1835: Jan. 16Royal SaxonLiverpoolHobart11
Feb. 1Thomas HarrisonLondon & LiverpoolHobart3
Feb. 15SarahTh LizardHobart243
Apr. 18BachelorLiverpoolHobart3
Nov. 20BrothersLondonHobart4
Nov. 20Charles KerrLondonLaunceston229
1836: Feb. 3BoadiceaLondonLaunceston265
Aug. 20Amelia ThompsonLondonLaunceston309
1837: Jan. 5FairlieLondonHobart30
Jan. 24William MetcalfeLondonHobart289
Dec. 12Bussorah MerchantCorkHobart235
1841: Apr. 3AdelaideLondonLaunceston1
May 5EssexLondonLaunceston9
Jun. 25WinwickLondonHobart22
Aug. 1Countess MintoLeithHobart4
Aug. 11VestalLondonLaunceston2
Aug. 20InaLondonLaunceston2
Aug. 24ArabianBristolLaunceston67
Aug. 30AndromedaLondonLaunceston45
Aug. 31GeorgeLeithHobart14
Oct. 12TasmaniaLondonHobart54
Nov. 10GlenbervieLondonHobart5
Nov. 17DerwentLondonHobart14
Nov. 18NoormahulLondonLaunceston1
Nov. 22CalcuttaLondonHobart1
Dec. 5PsycheBristolLaunceston4
1842: Jan. 6Mary HayLondonLaunceston9
Jan. 19HenryLondonLaunceston7
Jan. 26Prince of OrangeLeithHobart13
1842: Jan. 28SydneyLondonHobart14
Mar. 31ArabLondonLaunceston282
Apr. 6IndianLondonLaunceston40
Apr. 23CanadaLondonHobart1
May 8CorsairLondonLaunceston48
Jul. 4OrleanaLondonHobart266
Jul. 16TinternLondonHobart2
Jul. 21Jane BlainLondonHobart34
Sep. 24ApolineLondon via PlymouthHobart222
Oct. 5BolivarLondonLaunceston204
Oct. 27MonaLondonLaunceston1
Nov. 9AdelaideLondonLaunceston15
Nov. 9DerwentLondonHobart10
Nov. 20VindictiveChinaHobart7
Nov. 22Royal SaxonLondon via CorkLaunceston73
Nov. 23CalcuttaLondonHobart3
Nov. 28Sir Charles NapierPlymouthHobart220
Dec. 3MunroLeithHobart11
Dec. 22AurigaLondonHobart3
1843: Jan. 6TasmaniaLondonHobart4
Jan. 10Royal SovereignLondon via CorkLaunceston48
Jan. 28King WilliamLondon via PlymouthHobart267
Feb. 9Elizabeth and JaneLondonLaunceston53
Mar. 27AgostinaLondonLaunceston2
Apr. 4BrankemoorLondon via CorkLaunceston45
Apr. 10John RenwickLondonHobart2
1843: Jun. 23RajahLeithHobart5
Sep. 21PsycheLondonHobart3
Oct. 16MandarinLondonHobart51
Nov. 3HenryLondonLaunceston6
1851: Aug. 28BeulahPlymouthHobart812
Oct. 3AustralasiaThe DownsHobart41
Nov. 2CalcuttaPlymouthHobart714
1852: Dec. 5AustralasiaPlymouthHobart221
1853: Jan. 10LouisaPlymouthHobart208
Jan. 20DerwentwaterLondonHobart26
Mar. 1MidlothianKingstonHobart12
Mar. 6NorthumberlandLiverpoolLaunceston274
Apr. 27PanamaLiverpoolHobart298
May 6Mohammed Shah [burnt; to Hobart per Ellen]LondonHobart21
May 6EucalyptusMelbourneHobart17
May 12CreoleMelbourneHobart9
May 13Flying SquirrelMelbourneHobart1
May 15Thomas and Joseph CrispsLondonLaunceston7
May 22Harriett NathanMelbourneHobart12
May 28Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart8
Jun. 13PrydeMelbourneHobart10
Jun. 21CircassianMelbourneHobart5
Jun. 22CreoleMelbourneHobart30
Jul. 1EucalyptusMelbourneHobart13
Jul. 7Flying SquirrelMelbourneHobart32
Jul. 17TasmaniaMelbourneHobart6
Jul. 17CoromandelSouthamptonHobart344
Jul. 25Harriett NathanMelbourneHobart55
1853: Jul. 25Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart18
Jul. 31CircassianMelbourneHobart9
Aug. 1EuphemiaMelbourneHobart39
Aug. 4CreoleMelbourneHobart30
Aug. 13PilotMelbourneHobart8
Aug. 14PrydeMelbourneHobart26
Aug. 21EucalyptusPort AlbertHobart43
Aug. 24Sword FishMelbourneHobart16
Aug. 31Margaret ThompsonMelbourneHobart16
Sep. 11Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart7
Sep. 13Harriett NathanMelbourneHobart12
Sep. 15CircassianMelbourneHobart14
Sep. 28EuphemiaMelbourneHobart3
Sep. 28CreoleMelbourneHobart20
Oct. 9EucalyptusMelbourneHobart12
Oct. 16Sword FishMelbourneHobart5
Oct. 20FortitudeLondonHobart13
Oct. 22Margaret ThompsonMelbourneHobart3
Nov. 1Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart6
Nov. 8CreoleMelbourneHobart24
Nov. 9Harriett NathanMelbourneHobart4
Nov. 11WellingtonLondonHobart14
Nov. 27EucalyptusMelbourneHobart11
Nov. 27EuphemiaMelbourneHobart5
Dec. 3Sword FishMelbourneHobart17
Dec. 14CreoleMelbourneHobart33
Dec. 17Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart32
Dec. 23Harriett NathanMelbourneHobart13
1854: Jan. 1EucalyptusMelbourneHobart3
Jan. 15EuphemiaMelbourneHobart12
Jan. 23Sword FishMelbourneHobart8
Feb. 1Sir Allan McNabLiverpoolHobart298
Feb. 14Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart23
Feb. 20CreoleMelbourneHobart17
Feb. 23FingalLondonLaunceston4
Mar. 3EucalyptusMelbourneHobart42
Mar. 11PrydeMelbourneHobart10
Mar. 18PicardMelbourneHobart6
Mar. 27Ann BridsonLondonHobart12
Apr. 5Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart18
Apr. 18CreoleMelbourneHobart26
Apr. 18EucalyptusMelbourneHobart21
Apr. 29TasmaniaMelbourneHobart18
May 13TasmaniaMalbourneHobart46
May 25ConstanceMelbourneLaunceston4
Jun. 9Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart16
Jun. 17CreoleMelbourneHobart11
Jun. 17EucalyptusMelbourneHobart3
Jun. 24TasmaniaMelbourneHobart38
Jul. 4Themis [from Melbourne per Lady Bird]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Jul. 6PicardMelbourneHobart7
Jul. 25LlewellynLondonLaunceston5
July 8TasmaniaMelbourneHobart27
Jul. 19Star in the East [Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston24
Jul. 22TasmaniaMelbourneHobart32
Jul. 25NorthumberlandSouthamptonHobart180
1854: Jul. 27BalmoralLondonMelbourne25
Jul. 31CreoleMelbourneHobart22
Jul. 31Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart11
Aug. 5TasmaniaMelbourneHobart20
Aug. 6EucalyptusMelbourneHobart22
Aug. 19TasmaniaMelbourneHobart54
Aug. 21JunoLondonLaunceston24
Aug. 24Prince of WalesLondonLaunceston12
Aug. 26City of HobartMelbourneHobart38
Aug. 26KingstonSouthamptonHobart341
Aug. 26BaltimoreLondonHobart9
Sep. 2TasmaniaMelbourneHobart27
Sep. 10Emma PrescottMelbourneHobart10
Sep. 12City of HobartMelbourneHobart34
Sep. 16CreoleMelbourneHobart13
Sep. 16BancaLondonLaunceston2
Sep. 16MaitlandPlymouthHobart304
Sep. 19PicardMelbourneHobart13
Sep. 19EucalyptusMelbourneHobart5
Sep. 23City of HobartMelbourneHobart18
Sep. 27ReindeerMelbourneHobart15
Sep. 29Caroline MiddletonLiverpoolHobart371
Sep. 30TasmaniaMelbourneHobart33
Oct. 7MousamMelbourneHobart11
Oct. 7City of HobartMelbourneHobart23
Oct. 20MerlingtonLondonLaunceston136
Oct. 22CreoleMelbourneHobart19
Oct. 27ColombusPlymouthHobart182
Oct. 30MooltanSouthamptonHobart257
Nov. 1EucalyptusMelbourneHobart16
1854: Nov. 5WellingtonLondonHobart15
Nov. 20Clasmerden [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston8
Nov. 22HondurasLondonHobart1
Nov. 26DerwentwaterPlyouthHobart13
Dec. 3LimaFalmouthHobart7
Dec. 6Duchess of NorthumberlandPlymouthHobart256
Dec. 6AntipodesLondonHobart7
Dec. 21Mary GoddardLondonHobart2
Dec. 23Constance [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Dec. 23Constance [City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart2
Dec. 24SterlingshireLondonLaunceston8
Dec. 25William HammondPlymouthHobart257
Dec. 25Southern CrossLondonHobart5
1855: Jan. 3AustralasiaThe DownsHobart192
Jan. 5Earl of ChesterLondonHobart23
Feb. 3Flora McDonaldLiverpoolLaunceston186
Feb. 13WandererLondon & The DownsHobart185
Feb. 14Duke of LancasterLondonHobart2
Feb. 15FortitudePlymouthHobart147
Feb. 17 Jul. 28James Baines [ Indian Queen from Melbourne] [Ocean Chief from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston Hobart4 3
Feb. 19James Baines [ Indian Queen from Melbourne] [Ocean Chief from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart322
Feb. 19Indian Queen [Picked up James Baines immigrants in Melbourne]London via MelbourneHobart193
Feb. 19ChathamLondonHobart147
Feb. 24FingalLondonLaunceston25
Mar. 23LightningEngland via MelbourneLaunceston33
1855: Mar. 25Ocean Chief [picked up James Baines immigrants in Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart129
Mar. 27RaleighSouthamptonLaunceston176
Mar. 31WhirlwindLondonLaunceston255
Apr. 7Commodore PerryLiverpoolLaunceston429
Apr. 9EagleEngland via MelbourneLaunceston5
Apr. 23ZeepardLondonHobart24
Apr. 26James Baines [Indian Queen from Melbourne] [Ocean Chief from Melbourne]DublinHobart3
Apr. 29Annie WilsonVia MelbourneLaunceston4
May 9ResolutionLondonLaunceston1
May 18Boomerang [From Melbourne per City of Hobart]LiverpoolHobart75
May 24[From Melbourne per Clarence]Launceston22
May 24Lewe van NyensteinHamburgHobart122
May 24Blanche Moore [Lady Bird from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart34
Jun. 6Queen VictoriaLondonLaunceston52
Jun. 7Blanche Moore [Lady Bird from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston18
Jun. 14Blanche Moore [Lady Bird from Melbourne]Hobart4
Jun. 10Katherine SharerLondonHobart26
Jun. 25IceniLondonLaunceston8
Jun. 28AugustusCowesHobart12
Jun. 28MontmorencyLiverpoolLaunceston86
Jun. 30Marco Polo [City of Hobart from MelbourneLiverpoolHobart57
Jul. 6[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston5
Jul. 23AmericaLiverpoolHobart246
Jul. 24[City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston12
[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart132
Aug. 5SeniorLondonHobart6
Aug. 19Startled Faun [Lady Bird from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston7
1855: Aug. 19Startled Faun [Lady Bird from Melbourne]England via Sydney & MelbourneLaunceston8`
Aug. 21[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart68
Aug. 26WilhelmsburgHamburgHobart476
Aug. 27Heather BellLondonHobart15
Aug. 27Storm CloudGlasgowLaunceston352
Aug. 28Henry ReidLondonLaunceston1
Sep. 3[City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston31
& Sep. 6[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart120
Sep. 28Champion of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston46
& Oct. 5[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Oct. 9Ben Nevis [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston51
& Oct. 20James Baines [Black Swan from Melbourne]Hobart12
Oct. 14ConwayLiverpoolHobart296
Oct. 20Shalimar [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
Oct. 29James Baines [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston30
& Nov. 2[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart57
Nov. 2San FranciscoHamburgHobart42
Nov. 14Sussex [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston8
Nov. 17Sea NymphLondonHobart14
Nov. 23Anglesey [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Nov. 25ArnonLondonLaunceston1
Nov. 26WellingtonLondonHobart4
Nov. 29Lightning [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston20
Nov. 30Emma [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
1855: Dec. 2Vice-Admiral GobiusLondonHobart18
Dec. 4John BellGreenockHobart207
Dec. 8Schomberg [Maid of Yarra from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
Dec. 13DerwentwaterLondonHobart3
Dec. 31Schomberg [Maid of Yarra from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston15
& Jan. 4Gipsy Bride [City of Hobart from Melbourne]Launceston26
&. Jan. 5[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart27
1856: Jan. 22Indian QueenLiverpool via MelbourneHobart59
Jan. 5[Also Lady Bird from Melbou​rne]Launceston24
Jan. 5Gipsy Bride [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart7
Jan. 17Sultana [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston2
Jan. 19Earl of Sefton [Fenella from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Jan. 28Ocean Chief [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart30
& Feb. 2[Lady Bird from Melbourne]Launceston14
Feb. 13[Lady Bird from Melbourne]Launceston40
& Feb. 18[Ant from Melbourne]Hobart3
Feb. 14MerciaLondonHobart3
Feb. 26Eagle [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart8
& Feb. 29[Maid of the Yarra from Melbourne]Launceston3
Apr. 7Earl of Sefton [Fenella from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston33
Apr. 23IreneLondonHobart6
Jun. 6Champion of the Seas [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
1856: Jun. 7[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston5
& Jun. 20[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jul. 5James Baines [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Jul. 6Shalimar [Ant from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Sep. 5CleoLiverpoolHobart6
Nov. 7Eagle [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Dec. 2Sir W. F. WilliamsLiverpoolHobart336
Dec. 29WoodcoteLondonHobart62
Dec. 30Alice WaltonLiverpoolLaunceston294
1857: Jan. 27NeumublenHamburgHobart3
Jan. 27Great TasmaniaLiverpoolHobart522
Feb. 1AmbrosineLondonLaunceston62
Mar. 17MerciaLondonHobart53
Apr. 1BroomielawGlasgowLaunceston264
Jun. 1FrotuneLiverpoolLaunceston121
Jul. 1PromptLiverpoolHobart156
Jul. 21Forest MonarchGlasgowLaunceston144
Jul. 25OrientalLondonHobart67
Aug. 18Sir W. F. WilliamsLiverpoolHobart145
Aug. 28Southern EagleLiverpoolLaunceston229
Sep. 13AntipodesLondonHobart1
Oct. 3AffianceLondonLaunceston4
Oct. 12D. F. Weber SeniorHamburgeHobart24
Oct. 31PersianLiverpoolHobart194
1858: Jan. 4Aurora AustralisLondonHobart68
Jan. 8PirateLondonLaunceston6
Feb. 22Trade WindLondonHobart292
Aug. 18Constance [Oberon Hobart-Launceston]Gravesend via The DownsHobart192
Sep. 13AntipodesLondonHobart3
Nov. 16Champion of the Seas [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Nov. 26Eastern City [City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart2
1859: Jan. 1Aurora AustralisLondonHobart1
Jan. 14Peter Maxwell [Melbourne July 22]LiverpoolHobart3
Mar. 25IndusLondonHobart3
May 20Marco PoloLiverpool via MelbourneHobart3
Jun. 26BroadwaterLondonHobart10
Jul. 24SuffolkLondonLaunceston1
Aug. 5Peter Maxwell [Melbourne July 22]LiverpoolMelbourne11
Aug. 6PrimulaLondonHobart1
Aug. 12Saldanha [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Aug. 12Sir William Ayre ​[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLondon1
Aug. 31Morning Light [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston14
& Sep. 7[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart43
Sep. 9OrientalLondonHobart139
Oct. 3Argonaut [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston15
Oct. 5Heather BellLondonHobart1
Oct. 7Saldanha [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
Oct. 7Zambesia [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart7
Oct. 21Zambesia [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Oct. 23Isles of the SouthLondonHobart10
Oct. 29[City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
& Nov. 4[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart8
Nov. 12[Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Nov. 12Champion of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston7
Nov. 18David G. Fleming [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart32
Nov. 26BroomielawGlasgowLaunceston225
Nov. 28AntipodesLondonLaunceston3
1859: Dec. 1Ocean Chief [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart8
[Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston8
Dec. 1Greyhound [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston9
Dec. 2[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart5
Dec. 4PercyLondonHobart16
Dec. 21HooghlyLondonHobart131
1860: Jan. 16King of Algeria [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston14
Feb. 11[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart26
Jan. 25Southampton [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston3
Jan. 25White Star [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
& Feb. 11[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart4
Jan. 25King of Algeria [ Royal​ Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston13
& Feb. 11[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart6
Feb. 7Dawn of Hope [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston28
& Feb. 11[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart2
Feb. 7Bheejapore [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston9
& Feb. 11[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart4
Feb. 26Eagle [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Mar. 16Bheejapore [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston1
Apr. 12[North Star from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Apr. 21[North Star from Melbourne]Hobart2
Apr. 24IndianaGlasgowLaunceston234
Apr. 30[Montezuma from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
May 7Empire of Peace [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston16
May 7Gipsy Bride [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
May 8[Montezuma from Melbourne]Hobart1
1860: Jun. 22Hope [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Jun. 25Hope [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston9
& Jul. 6[City of Hobart]Hobart8
Jul. 6Suffolk [City of’ Hobart from Melbourne]LondonHobart5
Jul. 6Young America [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Aug. 17Suffolk [City of’ Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Aug. 17Great Tasmania [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
& Aug. 20[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston9
Aug. 17[City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
& Aug. 20Saldanha [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston2
Sep. 4Queen of India [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Sep. 4Champion of the Seas [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
& Sep. 14[Cit​y of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart2
Sep. 4Saldanha [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston17
& Sep. 14[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart4
Sep. 12Elizabeth Ann Bright [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
& Sep. 14[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Oct. 9Isles of the SouthLondonHobart106
Oct. 11Arabian [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
& Oct. 12[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart3
Oct. 30Arabian [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Nov. 9Eagle [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Hobart8
Nov. 8Eagle [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Nov. 8Lord Raglan [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston8
1860: Nov. 8Lightning [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Nov. 9[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart12
Nov. 8[Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Dec. 29[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston2
Dec. 5AntipodesLondonLaunceston160
Dec. 6PercyLondonHobart6
Dec. 19Kent [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Dec. 20Marco Polo [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston13
& Dec. 21[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
1861: Jan. 14Marco Polo [Black S​wan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Jan. 18Morning Light [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Hobart2
Jan. 23Aurora AustralisLondonHobart103
Jan. 26Blue Jacket [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Jan. 30[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart6
Jan. 26Morning Light [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston16
& Jan. 30[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart3
& Feb. 2Green Jacket [Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston3
Mar. 30Green Jacket [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Apr. 10Red Jacket [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
Apr. 13Great Australia [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& May[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston1
Apr. 28Red Jacket [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
Jun. 13David G. Fleming [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Jun. 21Flowers of the Forest [Black Swan from Melbourne]Hobart1
1861: Jun. 20Flowers of the Forest [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Jul. 4Empress of the Seas [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart
Jul. 22Prince Consort [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Jul. 22King of Algeria [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
& Aug. 2[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jul. 22Champion of the Seas [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
& Aug. 2[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart8
Jul. 24Ocean Chief [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Aug. 2Shalimar [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Aug. 21Empress of the Seas [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart1
Sep. 3Heather BellLondonHobart1
Sep. 3[Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Oct. 25[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston1
Oct. 9Empire of Peace [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
& Oct. 10[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston6
Oct. 19AntipodesLondonHobart1
Oct. 21Prince of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Dec. 19[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston5
Oct. 31Prince of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Nov. 8[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
Nov. 5Elizabeth Ann Bright [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1861: Nov. 26Hope [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Dec. 12Commodore Perry [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston7
Dec. 12Donald McKay [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston13
Dec. 24PercyLondonHobart1
Dec. 26Lily [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
1862: Jan. 6Chariot of Fame [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Jan. 9Aurora AustralisLondonHobart99
Jan. 14Blue Jacket [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
Jan. 20Hope [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
& Jan. 25Water Nymph [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Hobart3
Jan. 25Morning Light [Royal Shepherd from Melbourn​e]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Feb. 6Water Nymph [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Feb. 14HarrowbyLondonHobart1
Feb. 26Marco Polo [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
Mar. 9Solway [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
Mar. 15Marco Polo [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Apr. 19Lady EgidiaGlasgowLaunceston236
May 16[Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
May 16Oceanica [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
May 31James Booth [Tasmania from Melbourne]LondonHobart7
& Jun. 3[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston1
Jun. 3[Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Jun. 28[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart10
Jun. 5May Flower [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Jun. 29Phoenix [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Jul. 7Lightning [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Jul. 11[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart10
Jul. 14May Flower [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
1862: Jul. 30City of Melbourne [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston9
Jul. 30Mysteries of the Seas [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston12
Aug. 9Shalimar [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Aug. 19[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston25
Sep. 5Blanche Moore [Tasmania from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Sep. 5[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston6
Sept. 5Greyhound [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart15
Sept. 6Heather BellLondonHobart2
Oct. 31Champion of the Seas [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart10
Nov. 5Wallace [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston10
Nov. 13Suffolk [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston3
Nov. 21Shalimar [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Dec. 31Red Jacket [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Dec. 31Henry Fernie [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
1863: Jan. 3Star of Brunswick [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Jan. 15[Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Jan. 16[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jan. 15Blue Jacket [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Jan. 16[Tasmania from Melboume]Hobart3
Jan. 30[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart5
Feb. 20Princess Royal [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
Feb. 26Morning Light [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Feb. 28Royal Family [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Mar. 13Merrie Monarch [Tasmania from Melbourne]LondonHobart3
Mar. 31Great Tasmania [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Apr. 16[Havillah from Melbourne]Launceston4
& Apr. 18[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart5
1863: Apr. 24Tornado [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Apr. 24Southern Empire [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
May 21Pegasus [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& May 22[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart2
Jun. 13Golden South [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston4
Jun. 13Eastern Empire [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Jun. 19[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jun. 25Bates Family [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Jun. 30Royal Dance [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Jul. 21Golden Land [Black Swan from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Aug. 6Western Ocean [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Aug. 7[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart1
Aug. 6Donald McKay [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Aug. 7[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart8
Aug. 14Queen of the South [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Aug. 26Southern Ocean [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Aug. 30[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston3
Sep. 5Pegasus [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Sep. 6Lightning [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Sep. 19White Star [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Oct. 2Queen Bee [Tasmania from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
& Oct. 5[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston5
Oct. 2Champion of the Sea [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
& Oct. 5[Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Launceston1
Oct. 18Jessie Munn [Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart2
Nov. 12Marco Polo [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston15
Nov. 27Marco Polo [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
1863: Nov. 27Landsborough [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Dec. 4Tribolgen [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart12
& Dec. 11[City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston1
Dec. 19Greyhound [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston16
1864: Jan. 12Tribolgen [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Jan. 19Southern Empire [Sout​hern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston7
& Jan. 23[Tasmania from Melbourne]Hobart7
Jan. 23Shalimar [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
Feb. 15Royal Standard [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Feb. 19Blanche Moore [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
& Feb. 21[City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston3
Mar. 17Naval Reserve [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
& Mar. 22[City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston3
May 19Powerful [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Jun. 11Empire of Peace [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Jun. 25Empress of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Jun. 25Tornado [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston1
Aug. 5Southern Empire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Aug. 16Blue Jacket [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Sep. 2Sam Cearns [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]Hobart2
Aug. 22Royal Dane [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Aug. 31BroadwaterLondonHobart12
Sep. 2Golden Land [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
1864: Sept. 16[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart2
Sept. 6Lightning [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston9
& Sept. 16[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart13
Sept. 20White Star [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston10
Oct. 15Marco Polo [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart6
Oct. 23Sam Cearns [Royal Shepherd from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& Oct. 27[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart1
Nov. 28Champion of the Seas [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart8
Nov. 30Avalanche [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Dec. 9[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart1
Nov. 30Great Victoria [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Dec. 9[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart7
Dec. 30Avalanche [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
1865: Jan. 7[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart3
Jan. 16Vernon [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Jan. 16Golden Empire [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
& Jan. 18[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston3
& Jan. 27[Derwe​nt from Melbourne]Hobart1
Feb. 25Royal Standard [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston8
& Mar. 2[City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston2
Feb. 27Southern Ocean [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Mar. 22Vanguard [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Mar. 22Vernon [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
1865: May 8Thunderbolt [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
[City of Hobart from Melbourne]Hobart1
May 13Shalimar [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
May 22Utopia [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& May 29[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart3
& Jun. 9[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jun. 4Napier [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Jun. 4City of Melbourne [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston13
& Jun. 9[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jul. 1Queen of the North [City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston2
Jul. 16Empress of the Seas [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Jul. 25Tornado [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Jul. 28[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart3
Jul. 30GrasmereLondonHobart10
Aug. 11Lightning [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Sep. 17Marco Polo [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Sep. 22[Derwent from Melbourne]Hobart1
Sep. 30Great Britain [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Sep. 30Wennington [City of Launceston from MelbourneLiverpoolLaunceston5
Oct. 20Morning Light [City of Launceston from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Oct. 9Champion of the Seas [Derwent from ​Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart6
Oct. 12[City of Launceston from Melbourne]Launceston1
Dec. 19Chariot of Fame [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1866: Jan. 5Royal Standard [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
1866: Jan. 5Sam Cearns [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
[Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston2
Jan. 17Southern Empire [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart5
Apr. 9Western Ocean [Havillah ​from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Apr. 22[Derwent from Melbourne]Launceston1
Apr. 21Great Britain [Havillah from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Aug. 11Palm Tree [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart9
Aug. 22Golden Empire [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
& Aug. 24[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart9
Aug.24Tornado [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Sep. 21Lightning [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Sep. 25Chariot of Fame [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart via Launceston4
Nov. 18Champion of the Seas [Southern Crossfrom Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Dec. 14Royal Standard [Black Swan from Melbourne]Launceston1
Dec. 28Donald McKay [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston7
1867: Jan. 1Great Britain [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Jan. 27Kingston [Black Swan from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Feb. 13Morning Light [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Mar. 12Underly [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Apr. 23Castlemaine [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
Jun. 15Suffolk [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Jul. 19Western Empire [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1867: Jul. 23Frederick Warren [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Aug. 2Chariot of Fame [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Sep.13Lightning [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart8
Nov. 7Champion of the Seas [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston8
& Nov. 8[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart2
Nov. 8Red Jacket [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
Dec. 16Shalimar [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Dec. 22City of Melbourne [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
Dec. 23[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart1
1868: Jan. 22Light of the Age [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Jan 31.[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart2
Feb. 13Wennington [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Apr. 3Salsette [Southern Cro​ss from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart12
May 3Royal Oak [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Jul. 28Duke of Edinburgh [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
Sep. 9Oriental [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston5
& Sep. 18[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart5
Sep. 12Lightning [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
& Sep.[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart1
Oct. 8British Statesman [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston4
Nov. 17Empress of the Seas [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1868: Nov. 21Donald McKay [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart9
Nov. 22Antiope [​Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Dec. 12Globe [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Dec. 17Champion of the Seas [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Dec. 30Duleep Sing(h) [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1869: Feb. 5Nereus [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Apr. 3Borrodaile [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Jul. 9Dallam Tower [Southern Cross from MelbourneLiverpoolHobart10
Jul. 9Explorer [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Jul. 16Royal Edward [Rob Roy from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston4
Aug. 6Bucton Castle [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
17 Sep.Horton (Houghton Tower) [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Oct. 9Great Victoria [Tasmania from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Dec. 3Stockbridge [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston3
Dec. 19Thomas Stevens [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Dec. 30Duleep Sing(h) [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
1870: Jan. 21British Viceroy [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Feb. 25Baird [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Apr. 23Tornado [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston9
Apr. 29Montrose [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart7
May 28Harlech Castle [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Aug.1Merrie Monarch [Southern Cross from MelbourneLondonHobart1
1870: Aug. 21VictoriaHamburgHobart176
Sep. 24Jason [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Sep. 24Southern Empire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Oct. 3Mikado [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Oct. 6Annesley [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
Oct. 6Juliet [Tamar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Oct. 22Somersetshire [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Oct. 26FigaroHamburgHobart130
Nov. 25Thomas Stevens (Stephen) [Southern Crossfrom Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart3
& Nov. 26[Derwent from Melbourne]Launceston1
1871: Jan. 21Kirkham [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
&25 Jan
Jan. 31Kumesia [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Feb. 28City of Agra [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
May 2River Lune [Tamar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
& May 11[Tamar from Melbourne]Launceston1
Jul. 7Carnarvonshire [​Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Aug. 9Great Victoria [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Nov. 30Eurynome [Tamar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
1872: Jan. 3Duke of Edinburgh [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston6
Jan. 30Francis Thorpe [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Feb. 24Great Britain [Tamar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Mar. 23EugenieHamburgHobart123
Jun. 29Southern Belle [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
1872: Jul. 28City of Agra [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston2
Aug. 25Pentbesilea [Derwent from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Oct. 5Star Queen [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Oct. 19Mertnerus [Tamar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Dec. 23Cholula [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
1873: Jan. 4Vernon [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
Apr. 19Calcutta [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Jun. 20Carranjab [Passengers from the North Fleet, which was wrecked]LondonHobart85
Sep. 12Wasdale [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LivepoolHobart14
Nov. 16Tbeophane [Tartar from Melbourne]LiverpoolLaunceston1
Dec. 24Sovereign or Sobraon [Tasman from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Dec. 24Great Britain [Tas​man from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart7
Dec. 26Patterdale [Tasman from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart4
1874: Feb. 8Knowsley Hall [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart9
Apr. 2Oberon [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
May 15Northumberland [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Jul. 24Eaton Hall [City of Hobart from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Sep. 25Altcar [Tasman from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Nov. 9Fleur de Lis [Tasman from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Nov. 9Theophane (Tasman from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart1
1875: Mar. 19Great Britain [Tasman from Melbourne]LiverpoolHobart2
Mar. 19Phillipine [Tasman from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Jun. 3AdelaideLondonHobart1
1875: Jul. 30Somersetshire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Sep. 24Lincolnshire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart7
Oct. 23Great Britai​n [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Nov. 22Northumberland [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston4
1876: Jan. 26Somersetshire [‘Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& Feb. 4[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Tamar2
Mar. 22Durham [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston7
& Mar. 24[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart21
May 31Northumberland [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Jun. 13Essex [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Sep. 1Somersetshire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart10
Nov. 25Northumberland [Albion from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
& Nov. 26[Derwent from Melbourne]Launceston1
Dec. 20Kent [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
& Dec. 22[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart2
1877: Mar. 5Somersetshire [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
May 31Northumberland [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& Jun. 1[Tamar from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jul. 13Kent [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Aug. 25Somersetshire [Derwent from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Oct. 19DurhamLondon via MelbourneHobart2
1878: Jan. 5Kent [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Mar. 7Somersetshire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart7
1878: Apr. 16Durham [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston9
May 28Northumberland [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston3
& May 31[Ringarooma from Melbourne]Hobart5
Jul. 12Kent [Taranua from Melbourne]LondonHobart8
Aug. 16Somersetshire [Tamar &Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
& Aug. 18[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston2
Oct. 2Durham [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& Oct. 4[Tararua from Melbourne]Hobart1
Nov. 15Northumberland [Ringarooma for Melbourne]LondonHobart9
1879: Jan. 4Kent [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonHobart9
Feb, 15Somersetshire [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Feb. 20[Tararua from Melbourne]Hobart7
Jul. 7Kent [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonHobart5
Aug. 16Somersetshire [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Sept. 24Durba​n [Claude Hamilton from Melbourne]LondonHobart16
Oct. 27Northumberland [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Nov. 5Lincolnshire [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Dec. 8Norfolk [.Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
& Dec. 10[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston8
Dec. 20Orient [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
1880: Feb. 4Respigadora [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonHobart5
Feb. 17Somersetshire [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston12
Mar. 8True Briton [Tasman from Melbourne]LondonHobart7
Mar. 24Durham [Mangana from Melbourne]PlymouthLaunceston1
May 4Northumberland [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston3
1880: May 6[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart4
May 29Cotopaxi [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston8
Jun. 16Lusitania [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Aug. 3Sir Walter Raleigh [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Aug. 15Chimboraz​​o [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Sep. 17Durham [FIinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Oct. 5Somersetshire [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston7
Oct. 9[Flinders from Melbourne]Launceston1
1881: May 13Potosi [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
May 19[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jun. 4Chimborazo [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Jul. 2Cuzco [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
& Jul. 8[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart3
& Jul. 13[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston4
Jul. 13Cotopaxi [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston4
[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston11
Aug. 5Sir Walter Raleigh [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Aug. 15Garonne [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart3
Aug. 23Lusitania [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston4
Aug. 24[Rotomahana from Melbourne]Hobart1
Sep. 9Liguria [Ringarooma from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
Sep. 27Potosi [Tamar from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Oct. 8Chimborazo [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
& Oct. 12[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart2
Nov. 26Cuzco [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart6
Dec. 12Orient [Alhambra from Melbourne]LondonHobart3
1882: Jan. 26Liguria [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Feb. 20Potosi [Tasman from Melbourne]LondonHobart13
& Mar. 2[Tasman from Melbourne]Hobart1
& Mar. 19[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston3
Mar. 7Chimborazo [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& Mar. 10[Tamar from Melbourne]Hobart2
Mar. 19John Elder [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston9
& Mar. 20[Tamar from MelbourneHobart5
Mar. 29Sorata [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston5
& Mar. 30[Hero from Melbourne]Hobart1
& Apr. 1[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston5
Apr. 15Cuzco [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Apr. 27Cotopaxi [Rotomahana from Melbourne]LondonHobart2
May 10Garonn​eLondon via MelbourneLaunceston1
May 10Orient [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& May 11[Ringarooma from Melbourne]Hobart1
May 25Lusitania [Ringarooma from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
& May 26[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston5
Jun. 7Liguria [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston3
& Jun. 8[Albion from Melbourne]Hobart1
Jul. 1Austral [Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston1
& Jul. 6[Tamar from Melbourne]Tamar2
Aug. 2Chimborazo [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Aug. 23Sir Walter Raleigh [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
Aug. 30Sorata [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
& Sep. 2[Esk from Melbourne]Hobart5
Aug. 31Melbourne [Manapouri from Melbourne]LondonHobart6
Sep. 10Cuzco [Ringarooma from Melbourne]LondonHobart4
Sep. 23Cotopaxi [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston5
& Sep. 28[Rotomahana from Melbourne]Hobart1
Oct. 14Liguria [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston7
1882: Nov. 13Shannon [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Nov. 13Garonne [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart1
Nov. 23Potosi [Manapouri from Melbourne]LondonHobart9
& Nov. 26[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston11
Dec. 5Orient [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston16
& Dec. 11[Rotomahana from Melbourne]Hobart1
Dec. 23Sobraon [Manga​na from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston3
Dec. 23Chimborazo [Flinders from Melbourne]London1
1883: Jan. 13[Southern Cross from Melbourne]1
Jan. 18Sorata [Te Anau from Melbourne]LondonHobart5
& Jan. 20[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Launceston3
Feb. 6Cuzco [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston2
Feb. 8[Mangana from Melbourne]Launceston3
Feb. 13Liguria [Southern Cross from Melbourne]GravesendLaunceston1
& Mar. 1[Rotamahana from Melbourne]Hobart1
Feb. 15[Manapouri from Melbourne]Hobart1
Mar. 5Cephalonia [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonHobart5
& Mar. 9[Corunna from Melbourne]Launceston4
& Mar. 12[Flinders from Melbourne]Launceston1
Apr. 11Liguria [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
& Apr. 12[Southern Cross from Melbourne]Hobart12
Apr. 12Garonne [Te Anau from Melbourne]GravesendHobart1
Apr. 28Orient [Flinders from Melbourne]GravesendLaunceston1
May 9Lusitania [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston1
May 28John Elder [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston8
Jun. 6Chimborazo [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston5
Aug. 1[Corunna from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston61
Aug. 11Potosi [Southern Cross from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston38
Aug. 31Orient [Esk from Melbourne]LondonHobart47
1883: Sep. 20Kehireider [Southern Cross from Melbourne]HamburgHobart6
Sep. 29Lusitania [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
Oct. 26Cape ClearPlymouthHobart370
Nov. 22Etna [Corinna from Melbourne]GermanyHobart5
1884: n.d.Iberia [Sailed 1 November 1883]1
Jan. 10Potosi [Southern Cross from Melbourne]HamburgHobart7
Feb. 3Gulf of CarpentariaLondonHobart406
Jun. 22WestmeathLondonHobart121
Jul. 23Gulf of CarpentariaLondonHobart142
Oct. 15PathanPlymouthHobart151
Dec. 15KildareLondonHobart312
1885: Jan. 19NurjahanLondonHobart178
Feb. 2IberniaLondon via MelbourneHobart56
May 27Austral [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston19
Jun. 15Cuzco [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston22
Jun. 27Liguria [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston50
Jul. 10Iberia [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston39
Jul. 28Potosi [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston16
Sep. 17Procida [Waitarapa from Melbourne]HamburgHobart121
Oct. 1Liguria [Mangana from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston12
Oct. 17Cuzco [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston49
Nov. 3Liguria [Pateena from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston6
Dec.OrientLondon via MelbourneLaunceston15
1886: Feb. 9John Elder [Pateena from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston8
Apr. 7Cuzco [Flinders from Melbourne]LondonLaunceston23
Aug. 3LiguriaLondonHobart2
Sep. 22TainuiLondonHobart4
Oct. 22DoricLondonHobart8
Oct. 28Duke of DevonshireLondonHobart38
Oct. 31Gulf of St VincentLondonHobart1
1886: Nov. 22ArawaLondonHobart35
Dec. 16IonicLondonHobart26
1887: Jan. 14ElderslieLondonHobart11
Jan. 15CopticLondonHobart7
Jan. 28Port AugustaLondonHobart20
Feb. 10TaihuiLondonHobart14
March 11DoricLondonHobart15
April 7A rawaLondonHobart8
May 5IonicLondonHobart21
Jun. 3CopticLondonHobart17
June 30TaibuiLondonHobart10
Jul. 28DoricLondonHobart11
Aug. 24ArawaLondonHobart5
Sept. 23IonicLondonHobart26
Oct. 20CopticLondonHobart15
Nov. 16TaihuiLondonHobart14
1888: Apr. 6TaihuiLondonHobart1
Jun. 28TonicLondonHobart9
Jul. 29CopticLondonHobart10
Aug. 23TaihuiLondonHobart1
Sep. 18DoricLondonHobart2
1889: Jan. 10TaihuiLondonHobart2
Feb. 5DoricLondonHobart10
Mar. 7ArawaLondonHobart1

Note: This list is not completely accurate; records differ as to the number of immigrants by each ship, and the classification of ships as immigrant vessels or otherwise.