Governance and legislation

Libraries Tasmania is proudly part of the Tasmanian Government Department for Education, Children and Young People.

The Executive Director Libraries Tasmania is supported by directors with specific areas of responsibility and expertise:

  • Business and Strategy
  • Collections and State Archivist
  • Library Network.

Together, we work to inspire and engage all Tasmanians to learn, acquire knowledge, explore ideas, and participate in their community by connecting people with information, heritage, ideas and each other.

Libraries Tasmania Governance Organisational Chart

Minister for Education
-Secretary Department of Education, Children
-Deputy Secretary Continuous Improvement and Evaluation
-Executive Director Libraries Tasmania - Tasmanian Library Advisory Board, 26Ten Coalition
--Business and Strategy - Communications and Marketing, Digital Experience, Systems Administration, Business services, Policy and Strategic Improvement
--Collections and State Archivist - State Library and Archives Service, Office of the State Archivist, Tasmanian Archives and Special Collections, Library Acquisition and Collection Management, Library Description and Access
--Library Network - Southern Collective, Northern Collective, Burnie Library, Devonport Library

Last updated May 2024


Libraries Tasmania operates under the provisions of the:

and their associated regulations. For more information about Tasmanian legislation visit Tasmanian Legislation Online


Advisory boards and committees

Established under the Libraries Act (1984), Libraries Tasmania has three separate groups that provide advice and support our commitment to excellence in service delivery. 

Tasmanian Library Advisory Board (TLAB)

The Tasmanian Library Advisory Board (TLAB) is a voluntary, independent advisory group established under the Libraries Act (1984). The Board’s role is to advise the Minister and the Secretary on issues concerning the delivery of our services in Tasmania. 

Find out more information about the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Management Committee

The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Management Committee is established under the Libraries Act 1984. This committee administers the funds and property of the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, and of the Allport bequest. In doing so, this committee gives effect to the provisions of the will of the late Henry Allport.

The current members of the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Management Committee are:

  • Vacant – Chairperson and Trustee of the will of Henry Allport
  • Amanda Wojtowicz – nominated by the Trustees of the will of Henry Allport
  • Cobus Van Breda – Ministerial nominee with knowledge or expertise in rare books or fine arts
  • A V (Tony) Brown – Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Board of Trustees nominee
  • Patrick Gregory – Acting Executive Director, Libraries Tasmania

State Library and Archives Trust

The State Library and Archives Trust operates under the Libraries Act (1984). It is the responsibility of the State Library and Archives Trust to comply with the conditions and administer any property acquired by gift, bequest, or devise.

The Trust meets four times a year – in the first week of March, the last week of May, the first week of September, and the last week of November.

Applications for the period 1 October 2024 to 31 December 2024 will be considered at the next meeting of the Trust, scheduled for Thursday 5 September 2024. Applications for this period will close on 22 August 2024.

The current members of the State Library and Archives Trust are:

  • Jan Richards – Chairperson (and Chairperson of the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board)
  • Patrick Gregory (Acting Executive Director, Libraries Tasmania)
  • Ross Latham (Director, Libraries Tasmania and State Archivist)
  • Nicky Roberts (Office of Public Trustee)
  • Brendan McManus (Legal)

There are two funds currently administered by the Trust: The Sir John Morris Memorial Trust Fund and The T.M. Crisp Memorial Sporting Fund.

The Sir John Morris Memorial Trust Fund

The Sir John Morris Memorial Trust Fund offers grants to librarians, archivists and library and archive workers in related fields in Tasmania.

  1. Sir John Morris Memorial Fund Guideline (Word 132KB)
  2. Sir John Morris Memorial Funding Application Form (Word 26KB)

Activities that may be funded include:

  • Library and archive training.
  • Research work in a relevant field of study.
  • Travelling scholarships for educational travel.
  • Exchange schemes for library workers.
  • Lecture tours likely to advance library and archive knowledge in Tasmania.

The T.M. Crisp Memorial Sporting Fund

The T.M Crisp Memorial Sporting Fund was established in 1970. This fund provides grants for the purchase of sporting books for public and reference libraries.

Library and information sector peak bodies

Libraries Tasmania collaborates with a range of national and international stakeholders to advocate for and contribute to the strategic direction of the library, archives galleries and museums sectors.

Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)

ALIA is the national professional organisation for the Australian library and information services sector.

Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA)

APLA is the peak body for public libraries in Australia

Australian Society of Archivists (ASA)

ASA is the professional organisation for archivists working in archival, recordkeeping and heritage preservation services.

Australian School Library Association (ASLA)

ASLA is the national authority, the peak forum in the field of teacher librarianship and school library resource services.

Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities (CAARA)

CAARA is the peak body of government archives and records institutions in Australia and New Zealand. It comprises the heads of the government archives authorities of Australia, New Zealand and each of the Australian states and territories.

National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA)

NSLA is the peak body for Australia’s national, state and territory libraries, who collaborate to deliver better collections, solutions and customer experiences than each library can do individually.

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