Libraries Tasmania Service Commitment

Our commitment to you

We will create a positive experience

We will:

  • greet you in a friendly way and identify ourselves
  • communicate respectfully, warmly and courteously
  • provide safe and welcoming places and spaces
  • provide contemporary, relevant and high-quality face-to-face and online services
  • continuously improve our service to you and ask for your feedback via:

We will treat you with care and respect

We will:

  • have a proactive, can-do approach to serving you
  • communicate clearly, consistently and in Plain English
  • focus our full attention on you and your enquiry in-person, phone or online
  • ask questions to make sure we understand each other
  • behave in a way that makes you feel seen and heard

We will provide a professional service

We will:

  • provide services and respond to your enquiry in a timely manner
    • in-person – within 5 minutes of your arrival
    • phone – within 60 seconds. If this is not possible, please leave a voicemail message and we will respond by the next working day
    • written – reply as soon as possible and within 5 working days of receiving it
    • research questions via the research request form – we follow national guidelines and aim to respond within 20 days or by negotiation
  • have the most appropriate person take care of your enquiry
  • be thorough with your enquiry to make sure nothing is missed
  • provide clear, polite reasoning for any decisions we must make
  • keep your personal information and enquiry confidential

You can help by treating us, other people, our spaces and places, resources and services with courtesy and respect.

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