Our service commitment

Our purpose

To connect Tasmanians to knowledge, ideas and community through our libraries and archives

Our values

  • Aspiration – a culture of high expectations.
  • Respect – Respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environments.
  • Courage – Seeking opportunities and embracing challenges.
  • Growth – Always learning and improving

Our Service

We are committed to excellence in service delivery through the high quality of:

  • our programs
  • our people
  • our resources

Our commitment to you

When we deliver services to you we are:

  • respectful
  • friendly
  • professional

Our communications are:

  • in plain English
  • positive
  • helpful
  • clear
  • personalised
  • timely

​Help us to help you

Show respect for:

  • other clients
  • our staff

Treat our spaces and collections with care

Timely service delivery

We provide our services in a timely manner. You will be referred to the appropriate person with a minimum of delay. If there is a delay, you will be advised.

  • In person – We aim to give you assistance within 5 minutes of your arrival at a service point.
  • By phone – We aim to answer telephone calls within 90 seconds with the staff member’s work area and name identified. Calls are switched through if staff are absent. We aim to acknowledge or respond to telephone messages by the next working day.
  • Written communication – You can expect us to acknowledge or reply to your written communications as soon as possible and at the latest within 5 working days of receipt.

Give us feedback about our service

​Feedback welcome

Contact us:

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