Tasmanian Archives and Special Collections

What we collect

The State Library of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Archives collect a wide range of contemporary and historical material that documents the story of Tasmania.

Our collections include government and community records, ephemera, films and sound recordings, manuscripts, maps and plans, newspapers and journals, photographs, printed and electronic books, websites and works of art.

Tasmanian publishers are legally required to give the State Library one copy of everything they publish.

Government agencies and authorities are required by the Archives Act to transfer ‘permanent’ State Records to Tasmanian Archives.

The State Library of Tasmania is the home of Tasmania’s largest library collection. The State Library also manages two significant donated collections:

The Tasmanian Archives preserves Tasmania’s documentary heritage. Material is collected for its historic associations, research value, social and cultural significance. The Tasmanian Archives include both Government and non-Government (Community) material.

Access to archival and heritage collections

Clients can access the collections:


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