A lot has been written about Tasmanian schools in books, newspapers and magazines. The annual school yearbook is also a wonderful source of information and at times even laughter. For example, many of us from the 80s will ask “did my hair really look like that?”

Yearbooks and school magazines can provide a wonderful snapshot of a school in words and pictures. We have over a 1000 school magazines and yearbooks available to look at in our Reading Room at 91 Murray Street Hobart.

A great way to start looking at the history of your school is to see what has already been written. We have hundreds of books about the history of individual schools including centenary celebrations and more general histories.

Newspapers are an important resource when looking at the history of your school. Trove allows you to search the full text of Tasmanian newspapers from 1810 to 1954!

After that date we have indexes that can help find articles in newspapers. The first is an online card index covering 1966 to 1994, and the second covers 1994 to 2010 and can be searched online here.

We can help you with questions about your school. If it’s a quick question, you can call us on (03) 6165 5541. If it requires more research, you can ask your question using this form.

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