Records included in the Names Index

The Tasmanian Names Index allows you to search records from the following sources:

  • Arrivals (19th Century). Passengers and ships arriving, mainly in Hobart.
  • Bankruptcy (1821-1928). Documents from cases of bankruptcy and insolvency.
  • Births (1803-1933). People born in Tasmania including some baptisms collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 baptisms only).
  • Census (1837-1857). Householders in the 1840s and 1850s, not complete for all districts.
  • Convict permissions to marry (1829-1857). Convicts applying to marry free people or other convicts.
  • Convicts (1803-1893). Convicts transported to Tasmania and those convicted locally through the convict system. The Names Index can now tell you all the convicts that have been identified at Port Arthur, Point Puer or the Tasman Peninsula Probation Stations. You can find this information in individual convict records, and by selecting from the Property facet of the Names Index. [1]
  • Court (1830-1858). Supreme Court. Minutes of proceedings in criminal cases. [2]
  • Deaths (1803-1939).
    • People who died in Tasmania including some burial records collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 burials only).
    • Return of deaths for the General Hospital Hobart. [3]
    • Burial records for Cornelian Bay Cemetery. [4]
  • Departures (1817-1887). People leaving Tasmanian ports, mainly Launceston.
  • Divorces (1861-1950). Petitions for divorce in the Tasmanian Supreme Court.
  • Education (1846 – 1892). The first admission register for the Hutchins School.
  • Employment (1865-1902) Various employment records, mainly from the Southern Volunteer Artillery and the Inspection of Machinery Department.
  • Health & Welfare (1830-1952). Patients and attendants at various hospitals and community welfare institutions. [5]
  • Hotels & Properties (1818-1958). Hotel licensees, inquests into fires, Launceston buildings and demolished hotels.
  • Immigration (1912-1940). Nominations and arrivals of migrants under immigration schemes.
  • Inquests (1828-1975 except 1947-1950). Inquests into people’s deaths.
  • Land Grants (1832-1935). People who received land grants, and localities where land grants were made.
  • Marriages (1804-1899). People who married in Tasmania.
  • Marriage certificate counterfoils (1852-1944)
  • Miscellaneous (1838-1873). General correspondence of the Comptroller general of convicts and North Fleet shipwreck survivors.
  • Naturalisations (1835-1904). People applying to become citizens.
  • Prisoners (1895-1932). Prisoners in the Hobart gaol.
  • Wills (1824-1990). Wills and letters of administration of estates registered for probate.
  • WW1 Photographs (1914-1919). Photographs and articles from the Tasmanian Mail and Weekly Courier illustrated newspaper. [6]

[1] Location data of convicts who spent time at Port Arthur, Point Puer and the Tasman Peninsula is supplied from Port Arthur Convict Database Project data, courtesy of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA), and sourced from convict records held at the Tasmanian Archives, and the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.

[2] Data indexed by The Prosecution Project.

[3] Data indexed by Joyce Purtscher and kindly supplied by the Tasmanian Family History Society, Hobart Branch.

[4] Cornelian Bay data kindly supplied by Millingtons Funerals & Cemeteries.

[5] Data indexed and provided by Joyce Purtscher from her Paupers and Invalids database, complied from multiple Tasmanian Archives resources.

[6] Data indexed by Wendy Knolle and kindly supplied by the Tasmanian Family History Society, Hobart Branch.

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