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Administration records (including correspondence, registers and indexes)

The main series are:

1873-1992       Rolling Stock Reports and Asset Management Records for Tasmanian Government Railways and Australian National Railways Commission (P2831)

1873-1989       Registers of Service History of Tasmanian Railway Rolling Stock, Locomotives, Self-Propelled Rail Cars, Camp Wagons and Containers (P2376)

1905-1990       Contracts,Licences, Agreements, Leases, Briefs Etc. (P2129)

1947-1997       Tasmanian Railways Weekly, Fortnightly and Staff Notices (P2225)

1967-1991       Correspondence Files of the Operations Branch (P1994)

1892-1997       Head Office Correspondence Files (P2092)

1978-1986       Asset Registers (P2003)

1901-1983       Train Control Records for Single Line Working (including Staff and Ticket System) (P2076)

1873-1969       Correspondence Files, Resident Engineer Then Chief Civil Engineer’s Office (P2093)

1936-1990       Correspondence Files, Civil Engineering Branch (P2094)

1944-1986       Correspondence Files, Mechanical Engineering Branch (P2096)

1948-1976       Records relating to Tasmanian Railways collected from the Past General Managers Office, Invermay, January 1991 (P2097)

1971-1988       Correspondence Registers, Chief Engineer’s Office (P2136)

1960- 1997      Derailment Register (P2309)

1952-1985       Correspondence Files, Hobart Railway Station, Alphabetical Series (P2206)

1986-1997       Records of the Operations Branch Covering Derailments, Collisions and Other Accidents (P2247)

1969- 1997      Train Control Logs (P2255)

1917- 1919      Telegraph “Train Register” Book (P2269)

1892- 1997      Assets Register (Stores and Equipment Book) (P2324)

1947- 1989      Record of Goods Damaged or Missing (P2327)

1921- 1956      Register of Files, Correspondence Files, Annual Single Number Series (P2581)

1918- 1944      Alphabetical Register of Incoming Correspondence (P2582)

1947-1997       Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Standard Instructions, Single Number Series (P2601)

1978- 1997      Locomotive Foremans Log Books, Chronological Series (P2605)

1950-1997       Engine Maintenance Records, Numerical by Engine Number (P2616)

1937- 1962      Alphabetical Register Cards to Correspondence Files (P2679)

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