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Tasmanian Archives Naturalisation Records

1835-1905   Copies of Certificates of Denization and Naturalisation enrolled in the Supreme Court. (SC415)

1835-1904   Colonial Secretary’s Office and, later, Chief Secretary’s Department General Correspondence files containing applicants’ petitions to the Governor (various CSD series)

An individual will usually have both references. In some cases, the application includes a note stating that the issued certificate has been cancelled because the person failed to take the oath within the allowed time.

For further tips and information about the Names Index, we have a more detailed information page and a video.

Other relevant record series

1835-1905   Index to copies of certificates of denization and naturalisation enrolled in the Supreme Court (SC416)

1835-1904   Oaths of Allegiance and associated Papers Subscribed to by Aliens to Whom Letters of Denization were granted. (SC218)

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