Winners Announced

The successful applicants for the inaugural State Library of Tasmania Fellowships have been announced and we are thrilled to advise the successful applicants are:

Dr Richard Tuffin has been awarded the Research Fellowship and Dr Margaret Woodward has been awarded the Creative Fellowship

The Fellowships, worth $10,000 each, attracted a very strong fields of applicants – with sixty-five applications being received.

Dr Richard Tuffin

Dr Tuffin is well known to the State Library for the research he has conducted into convict and post convict sites and systems . His research proposal detailed using his extensive experience to add to existing knowledge of the settlement of Van Diemens Land by using GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to show how the location of the convict probation stations facilitated European expansion.

The output from his studies will be used to enhance the information we can provide on the locations for all the female convicts and 10,000 male convicts  in our names index. Dr Tuffin will also provide a talk and publish an article.

A photo of Richard Tuffin.

Dr Margaret Woodward

Dr Woodward has held artists residencies across the United States and in Tasmania, has exhibited through-out Australia and internationally and has published prolifically since 2015. Her creative works have been inspired by archive research in libraries and collections around the world.

Her proposal centres around an 1868 artefact, Tasman’s Peninsula – Semaphore Code Dictionary CON133/1/1, held in the State Archives of the State Library. The dictionary functions as a detailed material and social catalogue of the colony of Van Diemans Land. Dr Woodward will revisit this artefact and write a contemporary code book for present day Lutruwita/Tasmania.  

Her output will include writing and publishing an original personal code book and sewing two sets of 10 semaphore flags, one set life size and the other scaled for use in a performance piece. The semaphore flags will be used as installation in the library both in the North and the South.

A photo of Maragret Woodward