State Library of Tasmania and Tasmanian Archives Fellowships

The State Library of Tasmania and Tasmanian Archives are pleased to offer a fellowship program. The Fellowships, each valued at $10,000 will commence in 2023 with one research fellowship and one creative fellowship. The Fellowships have been introduced to support academics, researchers, independent scholars, writers, artists, film makers, digital innovators and creators who would like to explore our amazing collections to gain new insights and generate new works.

For the State Library and Tasmanian Archives, the Fellowships extend the use of our collections by our existing clients and introduce the wealth of material available in our collections to new scholars and creators.

The Fellowships give people who have had an idea but no opportunity to do anything about it that final push to make it happen. It could be a musical interpretation, a work of fiction, a deep dive into an historical event, a film, digital installation or graphic. We are open to any idea that will help us showcase this treasure trove of information about Tasmanian history and contemporary society. With the support of a State Library of Tasmania supervisor the recipient of this fellowship will complete a selected project. The output will depend on the nature of the project and the recipient’s area of interest or specialisation.

An induction will be given by the State Library and Tasmanian Archives teams, which will take Fellows behind the scenes and introduces them to the wonders of the collections. A member of staff will be assigned to each Fellow as their main point of contact during their year.

Creative Fellowship

This Fellowship is open to artists in any medium, physical, or digital, visual, or aural, to explore our collections and use what they find to create a new work which can be exhibited or performed at the State Library.

Research Fellowship

Every year, the State Library and Archives team supports hundreds of researchers seeking new understanding from the examination of government and community records, images, publications, and manuscripts, dating from the early 1800s through to present day. This Fellowship recognises the value of this work in providing greater context for Tasmania then and now and encouraging further scholarly enquiry.


The Fellowships are designed for people with emerging or established careers, who are over 18 years of age with a strong link to Tasmania. This could mean born in the state, established as a resident or part of the Tasmanian diaspora. It is possible to apply from interstate, but Tasmanian residents will be given preference.

Applicants may be regular users of the State Library and Tasmanian Archives or new to our institutions. If successful and not already a library member, we will ask Fellows to become members – this is a simple process and free of charge.




One year

Closing Date for applications

Applications are open from 9 May to a firm deadline of 5.00pm AEST on 15 July 2023.

Research Fellowship Application

The aim of the Research Fellowship is to support historical research, while encouraging engagement with technology and innovation, which will promote the continued relevance of the State Library and Archives collections and encourage further public awareness and interaction with these collections.

Creative Fellowship Application

The aim of the Creative Fellowship is to support the creation of a new work or series of works that will promote interpretation and engagement with items or collections held by the State Library and Archives. Applications from artists working across a variety of mediums are welcomed.

How to Apply

Applicants should provide a short-form CV and a cover letter describing their experience as a researcher (for a Research Fellowship application) or artist (for a Creative Fellowship application), their areas of interest within the State Library and Archives Collections, a summary of their plan for the Fellowship and supporting material (including examples of work and letters of support). The CV and cover letter should not exceed a total of 1000 words.

Please submit your completed application by email to  with the word Fellowship in the subject line.

Contact us

For more information for each fellowship, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone:

In Brief:

Amount: $10,000

Duration: One year

Closing Date: 15 July 2023

How to Apply

Contact us for more information

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