Internet Conditions of use

Unlawful and Inappropriate ​​Use

It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of computers and the Internet always complies with State and Commonwealth laws. You are also prohibited from engaging in activities which, while not unlawful, are considered inappropriate or unacceptable by the Library.

Material that others may find offensive must not be downloaded to, displayed on, printed from, saved on, or transmitted to others using the Library’s computers. This includes downloading such material directly to CDROM, DVD or other removable media.

Large files may cause network congestion or disrupt services. Consideration to other users must be shown when saving large files across a network, playing or downloading games or downloading multi-media (audio and /or video) files from the Internet, or transmitting large files as attachments to emails.

You must not make an unauthorised reproduction of material protected by copyright, or use audio-visual items in which copyright subsists, without permission, otherwise the copyright owner may bring an action against you.

Computer software must be used in accordance with licence agreements. If you use or reproduce licensed software contrary to the provisions of the licence, the licence may be cancelled and you may be prosecuted.

Access and Se​curity

You must not engage in any activity that may reasonably and foreseeably cause damage to the Library’s computer hardware or software or to anyone else’s computer equipment. Precluded activities include but are not limited to the downloading, creation or transmission of messages, attachments, data files or software that contain a virus.

You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any information resources, systems or networks or interfere with another user’s work. System files, system configurations, folders and other technical data must not be altered.


Email and the Internet are not necessarily secure and confidentiality may be compromised by unintended redistribution of email or by the inadequacy of current technologies to protect against unauthorised access. Caution must be exercised in communicating personal or sensitive information by email or entering it on a website.

Waive​r of Liability

The Department of Education restricts access to some material available via the internet, but does not accept responsibility for any illegal, offensive, indecent or otherwise harmful material accessed on the internet, nor for any loss however arising from use of, or reliance on information obtained through its internet service or in relation to the reliability or quality of that service.


The Crown has the lawful right to monitor your use of its equipment and may do so at any time without notice.

Management ​​​​of Infringements

If you are found engaging in activity contrary to the Conditions of Use, your computer access privileges may be suspended. If you are suspected of engaging in activity contrary to law, your access privileges will be suspended and you may be liable to prosecution.

Use by ​Children

We assume children (under 18 years of age) have parental permission to use computers and access the Internet. Parents and guardians should note that we do not provide any supervision for children and that, as guarantor, they are responsible for ensuring that children under 18 abide by the Conditions of Use.

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