Community noticeboards, displays and exhibitions

Many libraries have spaces where organisations, groups or individuals can display community information and materials for the benefit of the local community free of charge. Individuals or groups wanting to display information or use the designated spaces must seek prior approval from the Library Manager or their delegate.

We will not display information or exhibit material that:

  • Promotes illegal activities
  • Is not suitable for people under 18 years of age
  • Seeks to lobby or exert party-political influence
  • Includes petitions
  • Advertises the selling, swapping and wanting of products and items
  • Advertises personal services.

Community noticeboards

Our community noticeboards are for organisations, groups and individuals to inform the community about local events, activities and meetings. We give priority to library and government notices. We display information on dedicated noticeboards only. At some libraries there are electronic community noticeboards.

We generally accept a single piece of information such as a flyer or poster if it is information about local, specific events, activities and meetings that have benefit for the community. We may reject materials on grounds of content, format, presentation or space available. Sometimes we have to limit the display period or size of items placed on noticeboards due to the space available.

Conditions for community notices

  • Library staff add and remove items and maintain the community notices. Others may not add or remove items.
  • Material to be displayed should meet minimum plain English standards for literacy and design.
  • All material displayed must indicate the name of the responsible group or individual with a contact address or phone number.
  • The Library is not responsible for the loss, defacement or return of materials and reserves the right to dispose of unremoved materials as it sees fit. Defaced material will be removed from display.

‘Takeaway’ information stands and brochure racks

Many library venues have ‘takeaway’ information stands and brochure racks for community information such as newsletters, magazines, brochures and flyers. We review our brochure stands regularly and remove items that are out of date or of interest to only a small section of the local community.

Display and exhibition spaces

Many library venues have space for community displays or exhibitions with educational, community, cultural or historical value, and relevance. We encourage exhibitions that connect people to their communities including historical or other artefacts that are educational or may complement collections of the Library. We will consider exhibitions from professional artists, crafts people, community groups and students with an emphasis on those from the local area and the surrounding community. Examples include art and craft exhibitions, or information about changes affecting the local community such as regional plans.

Displays and exhibitions should reflect a benefit to the community as-a-whole. We will seek to ensure a balance in the displays provided, so that over time no one viewpoint or subject is over-represented. We may need to view the display material before we allow a display or exhibition and may remove items if they are inappropriate.

Conditions for exhibitions

  • The owner of the materials to be exhibited or displayed must book the venue with the local Library manager, or their delegate.
  • The owner of the materials must set up and remove the display or exhibition materials while meeting the library’s safety and insurance requirements.
  • The owner of the materials is responsible for providing necessary equipment for installation and removal within the agreed timeframe.
  • Libraries Tasmania will have the final decision on the arrangement of all exhibits ensuring staff and client safety. Libraries Tasmania will not engage in the sale of any items on exhibit and all enquiries will be referred to the exhibitor.
  • Libraries Tasmania does not provide any insurance coverage for exhibited materials.
  • While due care is taken, items displayed or exhibited are done so at the owner’s risk.
  • The exhibitor may be held responsible for repairs to the Library which are the direct result of the exhibit.
  • Exhibitions must meet what is generally known as the ‘standard acceptable to the community’ and be suitable for viewing by all age groups.
  • Libraries will not provide storage for the property of organisations or individuals displaying in the library.

For enquiries about displays and exhibitions in the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, please contact

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