Little Bang science program

Little Bang Discovery Club

Young children are already great scientists without even knowing it – they are inquisitive and curious, keen to learn and discover the world around them!

Little Bang Discovery Club is a fun 4-week program for 3–5 year olds and their parent or carer. It combines everyday objects and experiences with science in a way that both children and adults will thoroughly enjoy.

A girl holding a magnifier to discover things near trees.

The learning is stepped into sessions so that children naturally complete projects in stages. The sessions are collecting, classifying, measuring, and experimenting.

Libraries Tasmania is running the Little Bang program in selected libraries. Each child is issued with a Discovery box with tools and materials to use for investigations.

To find out which libraries are currently offering the program view the Libraries Tasmania events list (set to keywords ‘little bang’) or contact your local library. An adult must accompany each child. Please book one ticket per child.

Book, learn and experiment at Libraries Tasmania!

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