Book groups

Do you enjoy talking about books and sharing your ideas with other readers?

Want to start, or join, a Book Group and just don’t know where to start?

Why not join Book Groups Tasmania? It's free!

Book Groups Tasmania has a range of books to choose from.

Listen to Liz

Listen to Liz Jack (Libraries Tasmania's Executive Director) talk about Book Groups Tasmania with Leon Compton on ABC Radio, Hobart.

How it works

To start a book group with Book Groups Tasmania, all you need is:

  • a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 members
  • a member who is happy to act as Group secretary to
    • register your book group with Libraries Tasmania
    • pick up the books from a library and distribute them to members
    • return the books to us by the due date.

Then find somewhere to meet. The form of discussion is up to members. New members can join throughout the year up to a maximum of 12 people.

Registering or renewing a book group?

The book group's secretary is our main point of contact with the group. After your secretary registers your new group, we then email your group registration number and password to get you started.

Groups renew each year to confirm group details.

If you would like to start or renew your own book group, please complete this form.

Not a member, but would like to join a group?

Use our book groups enquiry form to join a group. We keep a register of groups seeking new members and will try to match you with a group in your area. You may have to wait if there are no available groups in your area.

Choosing books

You can choose from over 500 titles for your book group, and we add new titles each year.

You will find a rich mix ranging from classics to contemporary fiction, hot topics, genres from romance to crime and thrillers. Non-fiction includes memoirs and books discussing social, historical or cultural issues.

To select your Book Groups Tasmania books online:

Suggest a book

Email us at to recommend a title for our Book Groups Tasmania catalogue.

Or contact us by post:

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Phone: (03) 6165 5597

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