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What is a book group?

A book group, also known as a book club or a reading group, is where a group of people meet to discuss a book in common.

If you enjoy talking about books and sharing your ideas with other readers and want to join a book group, or start one, why not join Book Groups at Libraries Tasmania?

Book Groups at Libraries Tasmania

Book Groups at Libraries Tasmania is a free service offered by Libraries Tasmania. You can start a book group by registering with us. How often you meet, what you discuss and where you meet is up to you and your group.

Libraries Tasmania can provide you with the books and also some great resources for discussion about the book, then the rest is up to you.

You can choose from over 400 titles, plus we add new titles each year. Your Group will receive multiple copies or book sets of your chosen book at regular intervals.

Book sets are delivered together in a bag to your nominated local library, for your Group Secretary to collect, who will distribute them to group members.

You can collect your book group book set in a bag on our open holding shelves, but you will need to return the bag of books to a staff member once you have finished with it.

All book groups are group-managed, so you decide how frequently you meet, and how long you wish to have the books.

Once book sets are finished, return the set to your local library nominated as the collection/return point for books.

We will send your next set of books, based on the availability of the titles you have selected.

Some books might take a little bit longer to read and enjoy so if you need more time contact the Book Groups at Libraries Tasmania Team and simply ask for an extension of time.

You can suspend the service at any time if circumstances change.

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