Online Visual Exhibition – Transcript:

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Libraries Tasmania Highlights 2022

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“In my time as Chair, I have seen the valuable part that libraries play in improving the State’s social and economic outcomes and in strengthening the social fabric of our community through their role in lifelong learning, literacy (in its broader sense) and access to information. Tasmania is fortunate indeed in having such a vibrant, committed and innovative service.”
Mary Bent, PSM
Outgoing Chair of the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board

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State Library of Tasmania

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We added significant items to the Tasmanian heritage collection in 2022: 

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State Library and Archives Service staff created two exhibitions at the State Library of Tasmania and Tasmanian Archives Reading Room:

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So that more people had the opportunity to see our collection items on display, we used alternative areas such as the stairwell in our State Library and Archives building as exhibition spaces. State Library and Archives Service staff curated the annual Family History Month events, which were livestreamed by webinar for the first time in 2022. The 13 in-person family history talks were almost fully subscribed, with the livestreams enabling more participants across the State to attend.

In mid-winter 2022, our signature event, Stories After Dark again activated our heritage listed State Library and Archives building after hours. Over 2 000 visitors discovered stories from our collections through visual art displays and theatrical performances by 19 emerging artists.

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“In the archives sit thousands of artefacts, images and priceless documents. On a normal night they are sleeping peacefully…but tonight they are awake and ready to share their stories.”
Sue McKerracher
Libraries Tasmania Executive Director

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Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts

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“Keep up the great work providing excellent library services. I really enjoyed the Vision of a Palawa exhibition at the Allport Museum.”
Libraries Tasmania client

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The major exhibitions in the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts in 2022 offered glimpses into the lives and strength of the continuing culture that defines Lutruwita/Tasmania’s first people:

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Tasmanian Archives

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“What unites all people consulting the records in the Tasmanian Archives is the search for knowledge, inspiration, and new insights.”
Ross Latham
Director Collections and State Archivist

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In 2022 we invested in preserving Tasmanian records now and for future generations by:

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“Our new purpose-built collection storage space at Geilston Bay has doubled our storage capacity. We can continue to select, manage, and safely ensure the Tasmanian Archives collection is safe for the future.”
Ross Latham
Director Collections and State Archivist

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Public Libraries

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“The libraries are really great and the hold system works excellently. I can order a book, DVD etc from anywhere in Tas and it gets delivered to my local library. That’s great service and something I really value. I also love libraries for the ability to get so many books, DVDs etc that I wouldn’t usually have access to, or want to buy. Long live libraries!”
Libraries Tasmania client

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We invested in our public lending collections with the purchase of more than 60 000 new physical books including:

In addition, 21 100 copies in total of 6 900 eBooks were also added to our collection. People borrowed our physical items 2 303 058 tiems, and our eResources were borrowed 833 550 times.

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We improved facilities and services to make our public spaces more contemporary, accessible, and welcoming, and to make it easier for people to discover and access information. This was achieved by:

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“Very impressed with the range and accessibility of books online.”
Libraries Tasmania client

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Through our collections, wide range of programs and services, we engaged Tasmanians and our communities with books and reading by:

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“Wonderful places to get in touch with your interests and to stimulate learning and understanding.”
Libraries Tasmania client

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“I love the range of supportive programs available to all people – there is something for everyone – without prejudice. Of course, there are also all the differing types of reading material! During lockdown I was able to read many different newspapers, or almost any magazine you could think of – including international ones – and read all sorts of books through Libby. Absolutely marvelous. And now that we aren’t locked down, I continue to use the excellent facilities.”
Libraries Tasmania client

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Many Tasmanians value the library and archives services that enrich their lives, whether for recreation, learning, discovering our past, researching family history, or to connect with others:

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“Libraries Tasmania delivers contemporary library and archives services for all Tasmanians. These services enrich people’s lives, whether it’s the family taking part in Storytime or the keen reader borrowing books; the family historian searching our records or the adult learner seeking help with reading, writing and digital literacy. We’re here for everybody, at nearly 50 locations across the State and online everywhere.”¬†
Sue McKerracher 
Libraries Tasmania Executive Director