Adoptions, fostering and out-of-home care

Accessing Non-State records

Many care homes in Tasmania were privately run, often by religious institutions. Children in Non-State care homes may have been placed in these homes by family, and in these cases a government Welfare or Ward of the State file will not exist. However, some children were placed in these Non-State care homes as a Ward of State. If so, you need to contact the Department for Education, Children and Young People, Tasmania.   

The Tasmanian Archives holds only a very small number of Non-State care home administrative records. If you were cared for in a Non-State care home or orphanage and have been unable to find records in the Tasmanian Archives collection, you will need to contact the church or private institution’s research support services to gain access to your records.

Find & Connect has a comprehensive list of children’s homes in Tasmania, as well as guides to record holdings, contact details and photographs.  

An example of care home administrative records held by the Tasmanian Archives is NG3310 Bethany Boys Home (Dover 1947-1957 and Lindisfarne 1957-1978). The records within this collection include admission registers, photographs and a visitor’s book. Most of these records have access restrictions. If you lived at this home, you will need to contact us at the Tasmanian Archives for access.  

Other types of care home records

The Tasmanian Archives holds numerous other items of significance for Non-State care homes. These include annual reports, newsletters, photos and sometimes film footage of homes.

For example, the Clarendon Children’s Home had several locations including Kingston Beach from 1945 to 2004. We do not have records of admission or any other administrative files from this home because they have been retained by the Anglican Church. However, we do hold other items of interest including:

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