The Search Everything tab searches the following library resources:

  • Library catalogue – lending, reference, heritage and digital collections
  • eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMusic, eFilms, eComics and graphic novels and eMagazines
  • Tasmanian Names Index including convict, will, birth, death and marriage records
  • Tasmanian Archives resources including digitised records
  • Our website
  • Tasmanian Index – references to articles in Tasmanian newspapers and journals from 1994 to 2010

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See Library Catalogue help for information on how to use these features.

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Using the Search everything tab


At any time you can clear your search and start your search again by clicking the reset icon (1)

Searching within the Search Everything tab allows you to discover unexpected resources and you are able to easily limit your results to specific types of records.

You can also switch tab at any time, for example if you are searching for lending titles, eBooks/eAudio or new arrivals click on the Library Catalogue tab.

Enter your search into the search box and press the Enter key or click the search icon (2).

You can search for a single word or multiple words or a phrase.

If you want an exact phrase you may need to surround the phrase with double quotation marks if the words are commonly used.

Search examples:

  • river
  • dark river
  • “secret river”

Your search result displays records from all the library resources:

These resources include:

Library records – reference, lending and online

If you are only interested in these types of record, click on the Library Catalogue tab

eBook records

If you are only interested in these types of record, click on the Library Catalogue tab

Tasmanian Names Index records

If you are only interested in these types of record, click on the Names Index tab

Tasmanian Index records

If you are only interested in these types of record, click on the Tasmanian Collections tab

Tasmanian Archives records – online and series

If you are only interested in these types of record, click on the Tasmanian Collections tab

For more detailed help and specific examples related to each resource, go to the help viewed when selecting “Get Help” on the other tabs:

Limiting your results

The categories to the left of your results can be used to limit your results:

The Availability category is expanded. The other categories can be expanded by clicking the + icon:

For each expanded category the top 5 limits display.

To select a limit(s), click the checkbox(es) and click the Select button:

Records can be removed from your results by clicking the Ignore button:

If there are more than 5 limits, all can be displayed by selecting View All (3). Options may be sorted A to Z and the required limits selected or ignored:


The default sort for all results is by relevance.

If your results are less than 1000 titles you can re-sort by Year, Title or Author:

Select an Action

You can select records on your results page by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the images or you can select all 12 records on the page by clicking the select all checkbox (4)

The Select an Action drop-down allows you to perform actions on your selected records:

Full record detail

Click on the image or title of a record in your search results to view the full record:

Clicking the blue links will perform a new search for the words in that link. For example, a subject search for “Wine districts Western Australia Margaret River Region.”

or an author search for “Andrijich Frances”

If the record is part of the library catalogue the locations of library copies display (5)

The action icons (6) allow you to:

  • Change to a print friendly browser view
  • Email the record
  • Add the record to a list – see My Lists on the Library Catalogue help
  • Place a hold on the record – see Holds on the Library Catalogue help
  • Click Permalink to display the unique web address for this record which you can bookmark in your browser:

eBook, eComic, eFilm, eMusic, eAudio or eMagazine

If the record in the search result is an eBook, eComic, eFilm, eMusic, eAudio or eMagazine you will need to be a library member to download the resource.

You can download the resource by clicking on the Digital Download link on the search results page or on the full record view:

Digitised records

You can view the image within this record (7) but we recommend you click on the first Electronic Resources link (8) to open the image in another browser tab.

You can also select the blue Series link to view other digitised images in this series.

As this record is from Archives you can click on the second Electronic resources link (8) to view more details about this Archives series.

Search using search limits

You do not need to enter a search term or phrase to commence your search.

Click the reset icon (1) to clear any of your searches and then click the search icon (2).

All records will display in your search results and you can use the search limits to limit your results.

For example, click on the Availability Online limit to return all online records:

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