Strategic Directions 2022-2024

Our priorities

1. Engaging communities

Mother and child reading

Priority actions

  • Raising awareness of the richness of our library and archive collections, their value to all Tasmanians, and Libraries Tasmania’s contribution to Tasmania’s cultural landscape.
  • Bringing people back into our public spaces post lockdown.
  • Leveraging existing relationships and establishing new ones with government, business and the not-for profit sector to expand our reach and strengthen our delivery.
  • Investing in our physical and virtual spaces to bring them in line with on temporary standards.

2. Enabling universal access to our collections

Priority actions

  • Revitalising and giving prominence to the State Library, Tasmanian Archives and Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Driving the digitisation of our heritage collections.
  • Ensuring authentic engagement with First Nations peoples to shape collections and services for all Tasmanians.
  • Renewing our focus on the relevance of our collections to diverse audiences,
  • sourcing books, materials, and electronic resources to fit Tasmanians’ current needs and interests.

3. Connecting people to information

Priority actions

  • Increasing the engagement of young people with libraries and archives, and ensuring their voice is heard.
  • Clearly articulating and strengthening our contribution to state priorities: education, health, economic development, environmental sustainability, and tourism.
  • Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to define our agenda around access to information for all.
  • Connecting learners with the information they need through a new Lifelong Learning Information Service.

4. Championing lifelong learning

Priority actions

  • Inspiring a love of reading for pleasure across the Tasmanian population to keep people learning for life.
  • Retaining our leadership position in Australian media literacy, combating the spread of fake news, mis-, mal-, and disinformation
  • Being a centre for all forms of literacy and numeracy development at every life stage
  • Prioritising the library learning programs and activities which provide the greatest benefit to Tasmanians.

5. Strengthening organisational effectiveness

Priority actions

  • Developing a vision and strategy for a workforce to deliver high quality contemporary library and archives services.
  • Investing in our people; encouraging and enabling ongoing professional learning.
  • Providing a strong supporting infrastructure and operational framework.
  • Further developing good governance and a culture of collaboration.

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