Writers and publishers

All Tasmanian publishers, including self-publishers, must give a copy of their publications to Libraries Tasmania to comply with the Libraries Act 1984 (Tas).

You also need to send a copy to the National Library of Australia.

Find out more about legal deposit.

Publishing items from our archives or heritage collections

Publishers using our items must

  • submit a permission form
  • note that it comes from our collections
  • cite the material – others need to be able to find it
  • adhere to any special conditions ordered by the donor

Fees and charges

Fees apply to the use of film from our collections. You can use our other material free of charge.

Order high-quality images, audio and video for publication or broadcast

You may use most of our library collection for personal use only. We do not hold copyright in most of our lending and reference collection items. If you want to publish or broadcast these items you need to contact the copyright owner. See more information on copyright.

The Crown holds copyright for government records deposited with us. We manage the crown copyright in these records. More information on Crown Copyright

We hold copyright for

  • most private records deposited with the archives
  • many items in its heritage collection.

We usually allow free use of this material when we own or manage the copyright.

Citing our resources

When you reproduce or refer to material held in Libraries Tasmania’s collections, you must make sure people can find the original item if needed. See guidelines for accurately citing our materials.

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