Stories and storytelling in the great outdoors

Media Release

14 June 2022

Do you like reading in the great outdoors? Soon families and community members in Clarence will be able to enjoy stories in the gardens of the Rosny Library.

Thanks to the generous support of Bank of us, through its Bank of useful ideas community initiative, the Rosny Library StoryWalk, will let children and adults follow the story of Tazzie the Turbo Chook, through a series of story boards in the gardens of the library.

The StoryWalk can be found in the beautiful open area outside the library. Children and adults can read and relax on the lawns beneath the crab apple trees, or enjoy a picnic alongside our native birds, including a large family of Native Hens.

The StoryWalk is a reproduction of the book, Tazzie, the Turbo Chook finds her feet by Tasmanian author and illustrator, Sonia Strong. It tells the story of Tazzie, a baby Native Hen, who, with the help of a cast of human and creature characters, wins against the evil deeds of a feral cat.

“The StoryWalk concept works on many levels. Not only does it suit the more active kids who may struggle to concentrate while sitting down and reading a whole book, but it also encourages the bookworms to get out in nature and move more,” said author, Sonia Strong

“The StoryWalk projects I’ve been involved with in Kingborough have been well received and I’m excited to now have one installed over this side of the river for the Clarence community to enjoy. I’m very grateful to The Rosny Library and the Bank of us for making this project possible.”

Libraries Tasmania and the Bank of us are proud partners in this initiative. The project aims to encourage a love of reading and the outdoors all at the same time.

The StoryWalk will be launched on Tuesday, 14 June at 11.00am at the Rosny Library, at 46 Bligh Street, Rosny. The community will be joined by the author, invited guests and students from local primary schools for the launch, with a free barbecue lunch provided.

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