Head into the clouds with Skying

Media Release

11 November 2022

The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts’ latest exhibition, Skying: Cloudscapes in Tasmanian Art, is an installation by local artist Tracey Cockburn which explores the unique and ephemeral qualities of light and clouds in Tasmanian painting.

Studying the works of early Tasmanian artists and looking back to the influences of English romantic artists John Constable and J.M.W. Turner, Skying draws inspiration from the obsession with capturing the unique light of the Tasmanian landscape and atmosphere through contemporary digital print techniques.

“I have long had a fascination with Tasmanian landscape painting through the works of early Tasmanian artists such as John Glover and William Charles Piguenit and have always been drawn to their depictions of the clouds and the unique Australian light,” said Tracey Cockburn.

“My practice has developed from traditional printmaking techniques – in particular screen-printing – into a focus on the use of digital image creation for the construction of non-traditional, installation-based works.”

Piguenit’s work is notable for its departure from the style of earlier colonial artists – he instead placed an emphasis on atmospheric conditions of mist and clouds and enhanced the drama of his subjects and the romantic landscape. Piguenit’s 1875 painting, View of Mount Wellington from Risdon (Allport collection), with its delicate depiction of a clouded sky is what started a journey of enquiry for Cockburn, leading to the Skying exhibition.

“We are thrilled to show the work of Tracey Cockburn in the Allport gallery,” said Caitlin Sutton, Curator, Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.

“Her exquisite works reflect on the evolution of weather, clouds and skies in Lutruwita/Tasmanian art with a particular focus on Piguenit (1836–1914). As part of the exhibition, two of Piguenit’s works will be on display, including a recent acquisition that has never been shown publicly before.”

Cockburn has exhibited widely in Australia and New Zealand with solo shows in Hobart, Canberra and Dunedin, New Zealand. Skying: Cloudscapes in Tasmanian Art will be showing at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts from 11 November 2022 to 25 February 2023.

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