Transcript for Customer Service Officer Libraries Tasmania video

Voiceover: Thank you for your interest in working for Libraries Tasmania. This short video aims to give you a good overview of what is required for our Customer Service Officer Band 1 positions. These positions are a great entry point for employment with Libraries Tasmania and you will receive training and support in your chosen career.

It is a busy and varied role and the actual duties you perform may vary depending on where you work.

Customer Service Officers are key members of our frontline teams and are familiar with the extensive range of library services on offer including library, literacy, and community learning programs.

A key task is to greet clients, put them at ease and provide initial information about programs and services on offer or refer them to the relevant Coordinators.

We provide a statewide library service. Items can be issued at our service desk or staff can assist clients to use the self-issue terminals.Clients can request an item from anywhere in the state to be delivered to their local library. 

Lots of items are returned each day and these have to be checked in through our computer system and either returned to the shelves or packed in boxes to be sent to other libraries around the state.

Staff need to be aware of how to correctly lift and move items. Training is provided to ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

Shelving is a daily task to keep library items in good order and help clients find what they want. The items are varied and are shelved in different sequences. As you can imagine good numeracy and literacy skills are required, particularly for this part of the job.

Good computer skills are also important to support our services and clients. A good knowledge of technology is important to help our clients particularly those that use smartphones and tablets. This includes being able to use the latest portable devices to help our clients access information on the go.

As a staff member at Libraries Tasmania you might be required to help someone use their smartphone or tablet. This could include connecting to the free Wi-Fi downloading an app or assisting clients to access our large range of e-resources and programs.

We have some great children’s programs including school holiday programs and weekly Storytime and Rock and Rhyme sessions. Customer Service Officers may assist in delivering these sessions.

Customer service officers assist in arranging bookings and taking payments for our range of meeting rooms.

Our teams include volunteers who work side by side with the staff, helping to deliver services.

We hope this has given you an idea of the type of tasks involved in a customer service position at Libraries Tasmania. If you would like more information, please contact your local library.

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