Finding photos and building plans for your school

To see if we have any photos or building plans for your school, click on the links below and then type in your school name.  Not  all photographs and plans are online.  These records can be viewed and sometimes copied at our Reading Room at 91 Murray Street Hobart. 


We have thousands of photographs of schools and school activities available online.  To see if we have any of your school, click on this search and then enter your school’s name.

AB713 Photographs from the Teaching Aids Centre

Over 12,000 photographs taken from 1951 to 1973, all online and available to use.

Originally designed to be used in classrooms they provide an amazing glimpse into schools at the time, as well as life in Tasmania.

PWD266 Plans and Architectural Drawings

This series of records from the Public Works Departments includes over 35,000 plans and architectural drawings of schools and their infrastructure.  To see if we have any of your school, click on this search and then enter your schools name. These can be viewed and copied from microfiche at our Reading Room in 91 Murray Street.

Getting help with research

We can help you with questions about your school. If it’s a quick question, you can call us on (03) 6165 5538 during business hours. If it requires more research, you can ask your question using this form.

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