Libraries Tasmania historical school films

Libraries Tasmania has hundreds of historical films available to view online through our YouTube Channel.

Some of these films were made with the express purpose of teaching children.  Children Crossing (1956) is a great example of one of these.  Others were about programs running in the school system such as the Tasmanian Milk Scheme shown in the film Half a Pint of Milk (1952).

A film about the Tasmanian Milk Scheme.
How to teach children road safety 1950s style!
The life and training of a Tasmanian teacher in the 1960s, showing many different types of schools and colleges.
A days activity in the junior primary classroom, featuring Fairview Primary School in New Norfolk.
An at times quirky film designed to encourage girls to actively participate in sport and physical activities.
A late 1970s film exploring how school teaching and the relationship between teachers and parents has changed.

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