Tasmania Reads


We are very lucky to have so many inspiring Tasmanians who share our passion for reading.

Clint Steindl
I’m into self-help books. Reading about someone else’s adversity and how they have found their way through certain things can be helpful.

Jarred Bairstow
I think reading from a young age helped me with my studies. There is so much reading when you’re studying to be a medical engineer and when you’re working in the industry. So, if you’re a slow reader or you struggle to interpret things, it can be difficult. Establishing that base of reading at a young age really helped me a lot.

Kyle Perry

I have a vivid memory one Christmas of getting a bunch of gift vouchers for the Burnie bookshop. I loved the books I purchased so much, I can’t even put a finger on why! But that experience unlocked something in me. I’d always been an avid reader but after that I threw myself into books, every night I’d stay up reading, and I’ve never looked back. It used to be common in our extended family that if you wanted to make Kyle happy, buy him a book, it didn’t matter what book.

Yvette Poshoglian

I surround myself with books – they are in every room of my house. I read absolutely everything; children’s books, novels, cookbooks, sports biographies, historical non-fiction – it all depends on the story. I’m learning a lot about the Indigenous people of lutruwita at the moment and reading lots of Tasmanian authors, too.

I’ve written lots of different types of stories – action/adventure, spy stories, sports stories, historical fiction in a diary format and even a whole book written in emails. Reading widely inspires me to try different types of writing. I’m not sure what’s next!

Danielle Wood (Minnie Darke)

If you think about it deeply enough, you start to realise that the whole business of writing and reading is a kind of magic. Using only 26 letters of the alphabet, a handful of punctuation marks and some white space, writers can create literally anything. Not only that, but they can transmit whatever they create to the minds of other people … people who might be separated from them by great distances of space or time. It’s magic. I love the sending (writing) and the receiving (reading). I love every part of it.

Hannah Moloney

I like reading because it expands my mind, stretches my heart and deepens my understanding of the world and all the living things in it.

Heather Rose

I discovered my passion for books as a child in the Hobart State Library. Reading is my quiet place, my inspiration, my education.

Meg Bignell

I have always loved reading for the worlds it could take me to without leaving my bedroom. Now I also love it for how it has so reliably exercised my imagination, extended my vocabulary and given me enough grammatical know-how to be playful with language and sometimes break the rules.
I open every book hoping for one of those heart-singing moments really good art can trigger. The last book that made my heart sing was Isaac and the Egg by Bobby Palmer.

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