Connecting Little Tasmanians

Connecting Little Tasmanians with library membership

Libraries Tasmania has been working with Brand Tasmania on a project called Little Tasmanian.

Little Tasmanian aims to bring the Tasmanian story into the lives of new Tasmanians in their early years. This project connects parents and carers with relevant information about the first 1 000 days and encourages pride and confidence in children from the very beginning.

All new parents who visit their child health nurse will receive a library bag full of goodies. This includes a voucher inviting parents to come into their local library to join their child as a member.

Keep an eye out for the special edition Little Tasmanian library membership cards illustrated by local artist Shiloh Longbottom. These will be available from the end of April for parents giving their little one their very first library card and a lifetime of reading joy!

For more information visit the Little Tasmanian website. To join the library click here.