Derwent from Taroona by Curzona Allport

Fees, merchandise and other services

Borrowing from the library

Libraries Tasmania no longer charges overdue fines. So if you're running late to get a book back, just drop it off next time you're coming past, or return it to another library as soon as you've finished with it. Note, if items are still not returned after three weeks, you'll lose the ability to borrow.

If you have accidentally lost or damaged an item, we'll only ask you to pay a fair replacement cost based on the item's age and condition.

Remember, you can borrow and drop back your book or item at any one of our libraries in Tasmania.

So come into one of our libraries and see what's new.

Fee type Amount
Overdue items No fee when returned
Damaged items Cost of repair or fair replacement cost
Lost items No fee if returned or fair replacement cost

Items for sale

Other services  

We charge on a cost recovery basis for the following services.

Some community managed Online Access Centres may charge fees for other services. Please check with your local library or online access centre for details.

​Copying and printing

Copies for personal use only in line with copyright requirements. If a copy is for publication, you must ask permission.

Fee type Amount
Copy our online resources yourself digitally, copy using your digital camera or by scanning to digital media Free
Black and white photocopies or printouts from online items or microfilm, A4 or A3, self-service 20c per page
Microfilm copies (outside Hobart) self-service 60c
Colour photocopies or printouts from online items or microfilm, self-service A4 $2.25, A3 $3.15 per page
Interlibrary loan or copy service (article of up to 50 pages, includes postage if within Australia) standard $16.50
Photocopy or printed scan of items by staff to access items in another location, collected from a library 20c per page
Standard high quality image at 300 dpi A4 sized JPEG or TIFF, provided on a CD ROM $45.00
Non-standard high quality image - captured at a specific resolution or requiring special treatment due to their size, proportion or housing $90.00
Urgent order fee (standard order delivery time: 10-15 working days, urgent orders to be negotiated) $100.00
Tasmanian audio and visual material By quotation. See also items for sale.

Course fees

Adult education course fees are in the Course Guide, other courses may have a small fee.

Please note that some Online Access Centres are community managed and may have some different fees. Please check with your local library or online access centre for details.

You can pay any fee at your local library. Adult education fees are payable at the time of enrolment on line, by phone or in person.

Book Group Tasmania fees - Free

Libraries Tasmania no longer charge fees for coordinating a book group.