Convict abbreviations

Conduct records of male and female convicts arriving under the ‘probation system’ CON33 & CON41


Top left hand corner:

  • name
  • length of sentence

Terms used

  • “Tried” = Place of trial – Gaol Delivery, Assizes, Court of Justiciary, Central Criminal Court, Quarter Sessions
  • “Embarked” = date of sailing
  • “Arrived” = date of arrival at Hobart
  • marital status
  • “Stated this offence” = convict’s statement of what he was transported for, includes any previous offences
  • “Hulk Report” = behaviour on ships used as prisons in England
  • “Surgeons Report” Doctor’s report of convict’s health and behaviour during the voyage.
  • “Description” M:H = medium height; M:W = medium width; Bro = Brown
  • “Marks” = tattoos, scars and other distinguishing marks
  • “Station of gang” = Town in which convict is employed
  • “Class” Probation Pass Holder [P.P.H.] – 3 classes of pass were issued varying in degrees of restriction and wages.
  • “Offences and sentences” = conduct in the colony.
  • Date of offence – place of employment or employer
  • offence – sentence – magistrate i​initials
  • “vide Lieut Gov’s Memo/Decision” [these memos have not survived].
  • “Remarks” refer to place and name of employer and any notable events during convict’s period of transportation, e.g. capture of a bushranger.
  • “On strength” = still within the system, in this case, the convict system.

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