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Births, deaths, and marriages


​​There are a range of records to help you find out more details about a person’s birth, death or marriage in Tasmania.


Prior to 1896

1896 – parents’ marriage date and place added

1902 – parents’ ages and birthplaces added

1909 – previous issue (children) added


Prior to 1897

1897 – birthplace of the deceased was added. Sometimes included since the 1880s

1914 – age at marriage and number of issue (children) added


Prior to 1896

1896 – names of parents, and places of birth added

Church records of weddings do not have further details

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What is online?

Indexes to records

Digitised records

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When to use the District Registers

The following is a summary of duplicate registers of births, deaths and marriages. The District Registrars kept these registers of the births and deaths occurring in their districts. They regularly sent returns to be added to the Central Registry in Hobart. Only some district registers found their way into the Tasmanian Archives, as listed below. All of these records are now digitised.

These registers only include marriages performed in a marriage registry.

These registers are not comprehensive. They will only be useful if you wish to cross-reference details of a registration that occurred within the date-ranges given below.

Births, deaths and marriages from the Central Registry can be found by searching the Tasmanian Names Index.

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District Registers

Bothwell Registry

Brighton Registry

Bruny Island Registry

Campbell Town Registry

Clarence Registry

Franklin Registry

Glamorgan Registry

Gordon Registry

Green Ponds Registry

Hamilton Registry

Hobart Registry

Huon see Victoria (Huon)

Kingston Registry

Lyell Registry

Norfolk Island Registry

Oatlands Registry

Ralphs Bay

Richmond Registry

Ross Registry

Sorell Registry

Tasman Peninsula

Victoria (Huon)


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