Transcript for Volunteer Week video

Sue McKerracher: Hello, my name is Sue McKerracher. I’m the Executive Director of Libraries Tasmania. 

We’re celebrating National Volunteer Week this week at Libraries Tasmania, because we rely on our volunteers for all those  things that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have your help.

We want to say how amazing you are, giving your time so generously and we want to celebrate the difference this makes for all our communities.  

Some of our volunteers are adult literacy tutors, others give IT support in our libraries, are home library couriers, transcribe heritage documents, support English conversation; there are so many ways that people make a contribution to our work and the fact that our volunteers come from different cultures, have diverse life experiences, and can relate to people of all ages makes such a big difference.  

We’re running several events around the State, and we hope you’ll be able to attend one so we can say a personal thank you.

I’ve done some volunteering myself and i know that making that commitment of time and energy isn’t something you do lightly, so this is a genuine and heartfelt thank you from all of us at Libraries Tasmania this week for the work that you do all year round. Thank you.

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