Strategic Directions 2022-2024

Building from a position of strength

Over time we have developed a broad range of assets:

  • World class services tailored to the uniquely Tasmanian environment.
  • Expertly managed and curated collections.
  • Investment in new and reimagined spaces.
  • Commitment to digital access and digital capability.
  • Empowered, skilled and dedicated workforce.
  • Research-driven and evidence-based activities.
  • Partnerships and collaboration.
  • Strong infrastructure and network supported by the Department of Education.

We can take pride in our many achievements including:

  • Memory of the World listing for our Tasmanian convict records.
  • Sector leadership in digitisation of heritage collections in print, film and sound formats.
  • Topping more than 100,000 public library members.
  • Being one of the first public libraries in Australia to introduce a library app.
  • Celebrating more than a decade of our world renowned 26TEN literacy program.
  • Introducing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a strategic driver

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