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Strategic Directions 2022-2024

Our organisation

Libraries Tasmania is a unique organisation, offering contemporary library and archives services to all Tasmanians. We provide places of welcome, learning and exploration. We connect people with information, heritage, ideas and each other, through real and virtual spaces, physical and online resources, and relevant and engaging activities.

We acquire, manage and make accessible collections that enable Tasmanians to explore their diverse social and cultural histories and interests, and we preserve the documentary history of the State for today and for future generations. Our rich digital and physical heritage collections, such as our internationally recognised convict records, position Libraries Tasmania as a leading cultural institution.

We are committed to working with First Nations peoples to ensure our collections and spaces are culturally inclusive, welcoming and safe.

Through commitment to intellectual freedom and support for learning, literacy and digital inclusion, we empower communities and equip all Tasmanians to engage critically with the information they need to participate fully in society. Through Libraries Tasmania, people are able to be lifelong learners.

We are proud that many Tasmanians value the library and archives services that enrich their lives – whether it be for recreation, learning, discovering our past, researching family history, or simply connecting with others. As the role of libraries continues to evolve, their contribution to community cohesion must not be underestimated.

Our vision

All Tasmanians are connected, resilient, creative and curious thinkers, enriched by the State’s libraries and archives.

Our values

Our Commitment

Working together we inspire and engage all Tasmanians to learn, acquire knowledge, explore ideas and participate in their community by connecting people with information, heritage, ideas and each other.

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Our priorities

1. Engaging communities

Mother and child reading

Priority actions

2. Enabling universal access to our collections

Priority actions

3. Connecting people to information

Priority actions

4. Championing lifelong learning

Priority actions

5. Strengthening organisational effectiveness

Priority actions

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Building from a position of strength

Over time we have developed a broad range of assets:

We can take pride in our many achievements including:

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What guides us

Our position within the Department of Education

We contribute to our Department’s goals:

United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The right to information is a prerequisite and key driver for achieving a sustainable future

The Rights of the Child

We safeguard the rights of all children and young people to have an education, to be heard and to be kept safe from harm.

Commitment to evidence-based practice

We use data to inform our decisions and improve our policies, processes, systems, technology and agility. We use evidence to set targets and key performance indicators to guide improvement and measure progress.

Our place in a global community

We are part of national and international library and archives networks; learning from others, benchmarking with similar services and contributing Tasmanian initiatives to the global knowledge pool.